Moster Infrequent Items Should have own color

Like orange maybe. Seems like a simple change, and would be a great way to know you have found one.

great idea, and easy to aply

Pink MIs pls.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, coloring MIs will never work because MIs can be yellow, green, blue, or purple currently depending on who drops them and what affixes they spawn with. You would lose so much information if they were changed to be all the same color.

Put a coloured border, or a symbol in one corner.

I definitely would like this. I do like the change in the expansion of having two varieties of each MI (added) that are both powerful rather than 1 powerful and 1 not really powerful. Having one powerful and one not powerful only makes it harder to learn which MIs you want to look for. And why add ‘special’ items (unpowerful MI’s) that are just vendor trash?

I already asked Zantai about this and he said the color won’t change. I’d be up for a symbol of some sort though in the tooltip box…

I have never seen a yellow MI, MI is enough to make something green. Blue and Purple MIs will be looked at and judged for whatever they are, being MI is irrelevant for them apart from knowing what you need to kill if you already know you want it.

So greens are the only ones at issue and it is kinda annoying because you end up seeing green items with crappy MI stats and one magic property which at L70 sell for a couple of hundred iron and were not worth picking up. It is also annoying because MIs with good mods are the best rares in the game and some of the best items period. I would like to see ‘green’ MIs change color, especially as they are going to be better and rarer.

yellow MI’s are all over the place. Go to the blood grove, kill some bloodsworn, and turn on your magic filter if you want to find dozens of magic MI’s in the span of a few minutes. Bloodsworn pistols, Bloodsworn wands, and Groble idols are all extremely common yellow MI’s. Their rare counterparts (Repeaters instead of pistols, Scepters instead of wands, and Effigies instead of idols) are usually green though.

The wiki doesn’t list any of those as MIs. Maybe the clue is in the name, dozens in a few minutes isn’t infrequent.

I don’t think anything it lists is blue or purple either. MIs are things that are green because they are MI’s and would be better not confused with things that are green because they have rare mods.

I suggested a long time ago the MI name like “Bloodsworn Repeater” could be green because it is MI and affixes could be green/yellow for rare/magic. Perhaps as an option because it would look rather busy.

Strictly speaking, the term ‘MI’ only refers to the Rare variants.

The point is moot for GDX content, as new base-MIs will only appear as Rares. The common variety is nonexistent for them.

As I mentioned in a Stream, and somebody above paraphrased, I do not think another color is the best solution for this. Not to mention colors aren’t exactly color-blind friendly and it’s bad enough already in that regard as it is.

If we get around to addressing this, I think another solution is necessary, possibly as an additional symbol in the item name on the ground.

I think this would be a great solution. The question is what symbol? My thought is maybe underlining the item’s named. That would be simple, and clearly noticeable.

Makes sense. Something wold be cool though as they are unique in their way so highlighting them makes it more fun to find one.

This reminds me back on D2 when we were modding items, we couldn’t get a new color to look decent, so we tried using bold on the name and it made it stand out, while not looking radically different.

Have the devs looked into maybe just keeping the color but using bold letters for the MIs?

Or just say “MI” at the end of the name?

There’s no point in that as the MIs are easily recognizable by their names. People are just wanting something to make them visually unique at first glance like a bright orange or something.

Stg how are they recognizable by their names? By memorizing names from experience and reading Graceful Dusk? Maybe it’s just because I have aged but I found Titan Quest MIs a lot easier to learn than Grim Dawn. And I do have a lot of game hours in GD. I guess it’s just how my brain has aged and worn down?

Also at least in TQ there were maybe 3 classes of MI: possible best in slot like stone binders cuffs, MI that might not have good stats really but is an actual MI, and items that drop from monster types like jackals but they don’t actually have any modifiers other than armor value from the type of item.

What I want is for ‘good item’ MIs to be identifiable and I guess if color is not an option then maybe: symbol, font, “MI” etc… It doesn’t have to be a best in slot possibility but it should have enough mods that it is worth noticing when you find one.

as i said it before: a little star like champions behind the name :wink:

Because MIs are the only one with actual enemy names in the titles… I don’t know what Graceful Dusk is and it’s extremely easy to tell the MIs from random gear on the ground.

Unless you’re not paying attention to the heroes you’re fighting, it should be pretty easy to tell them apart.