Newish here, looking for specific guides

I would assume you find that guide on his website. Alternatively you can browse what has been collected by the community here: Build Compendiums

Oh, I wasn’t aware that he had a different website for the builds. My friend told me I’d find them here. What is the website?

I don’t mind looking at other builds, this was just something my friend recommended

We have parted ways. So, please excuse, if I do not link to it. A simple web search should do the trick :wink:

Really? I didn’t mean to start anything. I’m entirely new here and was just looking for a beginner build guide that’s all.

Is there an equivalent to his build here or anything you recommend to beginners?

Sorry, did I say something wrong?

Not at all, I was just occupied with something else… :slight_smile:

But I have no idea, what build he made. If you describe what it does, we might be able to point you to something equivalent… maybe even a guide that is up to date.

Or just browse the Build Compendiums.

No worries. Well, I found his site I think, a lot of guides and other stuff from Path of Exile and other games. Can’t find anything about Grim Dawn on there though, or I’m just blind.

Anyway, I think it was called “Skelmancer Cabalist” or something, the one my friend recommended.

I found 5 builds and the 3rd result has even the right title.

Oh wow thanks! Maybe I am blind lol, thought I searched for that. Does the game version matter for these guides?

Usually not. And 4 of them are (almost) up to date. Some very old builds might not have been updated since the release of the 2nd expansion, so maybe skip them.

Okay thanks. What version added the expansion, just so I’m aware?

Also, I just found Requnix Grim Dawn builds. There is an article or something that talks about this community, I don’t want to start drama or anything. But is there anything wrong with Requnix guides, maybe I should avoid them or something? Or is that just some personal drama that I shouldn’t care about? Right now I just want to start one character and not restart or get stuck.

Maybe do not go back that far though. The game has seen some changes since. At least for endgame they can make a huge difference.

This, I think. Of course every builder has their own preferences and priorities, but a proper build is usually based on the same foundation of knowledge. However, I do not know if he still updates his guides.

Fair enough. Thank you for your time and helpful info. I’ll look over my options and see what I come up with.


Sorry, one more question. I’m kinda looking for a step-by-step leveling type guide for the build I choose so I can get more familiar with the game and not make too many mistakes or get lost. I can’t seem to find this in the builds here I’m looking at. Is there something I’m missing or not seeing?

Try this compendium instead…

Build Compendium X (Forgotten Gods)

…then click the dropdown for Beginner Builds. The build links listed in this section tend to be more beginner friendly.

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It depends what you want to play.

Melee build: [] Beginner's Apex Death Knight



Lots of options, look at the build compendium for beginners. Good luck and have fun!


Thank you both for the info and links! I’m deciding between 2 options now, this should be fine. Much appreciated.


Yeah man, glad to help! Enjoy :blush:

2 different Beginner collections:

Good day to all. If you’re interested, here are two easy ways to end up with different build options.