[] Budget 2-handed ranged "The Desolator" Fire Strike Fire Purifier


Purifier (Demolitionist / Inquistor) is because of the synergy between Fire Strike and the Inquistor ranged skills one of the “natural” classes for ranged builds. However, while the Build Compendium X (Forgotten Gods) - #23 by Stupid_Dragon has some endgame builds, the Beginner build guides Compendium (for AoM + FG expansions) has (only) two Purifier builds: [] Beginner Storm Box + Stun Jacks Purifier from scratch (caster) and [] Budget Lightning DW Ranged Purifier (dw ranged, but slightly outdated).

None of them is for a two-handed ranged character, and i.p. none of them uses the faction gun The Desolator. Unfortunalely, the complete two-handed ranged beginners build section is currently rather empty and has only one build listed: (a Vindicator) [] Beginner's Lightning Vindicator caster, who is unfortunately also outdated. The intention of this Beginner’s Budget Build is to alleviate this shortcoming and provide some levelling advice for such a build. And it was also a possibility for me to bring a two-handed ranged character to level 100. As this was my first Purifier, except some shortcomings/errors in the levelling phase.

Using a two-handed ranged weapon for the early levelling has one advantage and some disadvantages. The advantage is that not getting hit as you fight from a distance is one of the best defensive strategies in the beginning. The disadvantage are that the damage is lower compared to melee, the area of effect (AoE) damage (later one of the advantages of the build) is rather low without a high skill point investment and good guns are rare. Around midgame, the invested skill points together with a good Ugdenbog Arcaneweaver shifted the impression and at least the AoE damage felt good. The build however was always a bit glassy and died more often than expected. Especially heavy physical hitters could be painful (e.g. projectiles which brought Death from Above).

Self Found?

Only self-found equipment and self-found crafting materials were used while levelling. Also, no mandates were transferred, writs were bought as soon as possible. However, all necessary blueprints were already found with earlier characters. The character was played solely in

Current Character

Grimtools of the current character. Most attribute points are invested in Physique to increase the defensive ability (DA) and health. Some points are invested in Cunning to match the weapon requirement and increase the offensive ability. And finally, a fair amount of points is invested in Spirit to increase the damage.

[Fire Strike, all permanent buffs and Word of Renewal.]

Using other(!) components and nacked gear, it is already possible to somehow cap all resistances skeleton character (= without affixes). However, the components choice is more restricted and the offensive ability (OA) is rather low. Gear affixes should provide skill points (e.g. of Destruction with its +2 to Explosive Strike), resistances and increased offensive ability.

Performance The full campaign (softcore) with both expansions was finished in all three difficulties (Veteran, Elite, Ultimate). Monster totems were activated on sight - after cleaning the surrounding area. The damage output is rather good (Totem kill time should be in general below 30secs, best time was ~24secs with the final build), however, the armor value and physical resistance is rather low. Therefore, heavy physical hitter (e.g. with multiple projectiles with high physical damage aspect) are a real threat. Well, and deaths happened rather frequently.

With the exception of Morgoneth’s Dungeon, all other Challenge Dungeons were completed in Ultimate. Morgoneth’s Dungeon was not tried because the likelihood to beat Morgoneth was considered as relative low. Shard 25 was reached in the Shattered Realm in Ultimate for the additional skill points (with some deaths). The following nemesis were slain in Ultimate: Kubacabra and Reaper of the Lost (other nemesis were not meet so far).

Levelling / Skills The character starts as Demolitionist. After investing one point in the mastery bar, the next skill points are used to max Fire Strike (12/12). This is followed by bringing the mastery bar to 5/50 to be able to take Flame Touched. Flame Touched is than maxed (12/12). The mastery bar is than brought to 10/50, so than Explosive Strike and Vindicative Flame are available. The former ist maxed (12/12) to have some AoE damage, the latter is kept at 1/10. The next target is Searing Flame for the damage bonus, so the mastery bar must be brought to 15/50. Taking Searing Flame (3/3) also implies only using two-handed weapons from now one - as the bonus would otherwise not apply. With the following level ups, the mastery bar is brought to 20/50 and Temper is maxed (12/12). Than the Inquistor mastery is started (mastery bar 1/50) and Ranged Expertise is maxed (10/10). The early levelling tries to get as much as possible flat damage boni from the available skills in the masteries to increase the damage. While levelling, check repeately the vendor for good guns (and other gear), some of the used guns were bought an not found.

After maxing Ranged Expertise, the Inquistor mastery is maxed (50/50). The target is Aura of Censure for the resist and damage reduction. As Aura of Censure only has element resistance reduction, elemental damage weapons should be prefered (but not at all costs). E.g., at level 35, the faction fire gun (Devil’s Musket) from Devil’s Crossing might be a usable weapon alternative. Farming a bit Cronley Gang for fire damage supporting gear (e.g. Balthazar’s Crest) can be sensible. After Aura of Censure is maxed, start maxing the Demolitionist mastery bar (50/50). While maxing the mastery bar, invest one point in Static Strike.

If you reach Ugdenbog, try to farm a good one Ugdenbog Arcaneweaver. In my case, the (rather good) first one found increased the Damage per Second by 50%. To improve the number of potential targets which could drop one (in the Barrowholm cellar), Barrowholm should be made hostile. However, farming a good Ugdenbog Arcaneweaver can be rather time consuming - some runs will lead to zero drops. A weaker alternative with likely better drop probability is Ugdenbog Flamethrower. The Forgotten Gods area can provide two potential gear improvements, Korvan Armor (also used in the final build) and Chosen Visage (Flat damage bonus to Flame Touched, used for levelling).

After the Demolitionist mastery bar is maxed, max Brimstone for increased AoE damage. The following level ups are used to invest in Bursting Round (6/10), Word of Renewal (10/12) and Steel Resolve. One way to incease the damage if playing veteran, start Elite in between for the additional shrines to max the devotion points before finishing veteran. The next gained skill points are invested in the other Inquistor WPS, Chilling Round (6/10) and Storm Spread (7/10 - for the 4 projectiles). Vigor should be one pointed. This is followed by maxing Inquistor Seal to have some improved damage absorption, While it will not help against heavy hits, smaller Damage over Time effects are relative good covered by the Seal. However, even so, the character might be too glassy for certain characters (e.g. Kymon), so use an Aether Crystal if necessary to buy some time.

With level 90 and 94, make some gear adjustments - e.g. shift to the final weapon. After the move to the final weapon, invest the next three skill points in Flashbang (1/12), Searing Light (1/10) and Blast Shield (1/12), than finish maxing Inquistor Seal. The last skill points are invested to max Word of Renewal (12/12 - without gear boni), Thermite Mine (1/16), Ulzuin’s Wrath (1/12) and Bursting Round (8/10 - without gear boni). One point can be moved from Storm Spread (7/10 - with gear boni) to Chilling Round (8/10).

Barrowholm was kept hostile also in Ultimate. However, Barrowholm also has the best fire weapon augment which is therefore not used by the final build. For maximale damage (and options), one alternative is to become friendly with them in Ultimate. Kymon’s Chosen were selected mainly for thematic reasons (Inquisitor build), even if the final build also uses one augment from this faction.

Some of the selected skill choices can be seen critically, e.g. that Thermite Mine was selected only at the end and only with minimal investment. However, for most campaign enemies neither Flashbang nor Thermite Mine is needed - and not having this skills made the gameplay much smoother - less skills to use while not “wasting” points for not used skills. Might also be partially caused by my desire to have easy to play character - with not to many skills to bother.

The current beta patch will affect Ugdenbog Arcaneweaver (“Ugdenbog Arcaneweaver: removed Elemental damage modifier for Fire Strike”) and Vilgazor’s Heart (“Vilgazor’s Heart: replaced % Pierce dealt as Fire Conversion with 10% of Physical dealt as Fire and increased % Pierce dealt as Fire modifier for Pneumatic Burst to 100%”). The first change will likely lead to a slightly reduced damage (and will increase the need to farm a good one), the second change might lead to no effective loss or gain (as there is currently still physical damage left to convert, but less pierce damage will be converted).

Character Snapshots

level 10: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NOm75XV

level 20: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRb9a4Z

level 30: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23x1p9V

level 40: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZDyo8aN

level 50: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVLeMA6Z

level 60: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZwzAXnV

level 70: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GdPv6V

level 80: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2BXgjjZ

level 90: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYb9B72

level 94: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZoz3KlV (final gun)

level 100: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRbeWBZ (reaching level 100)

level 100: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GdjMJV (some gear edits to improve the character)

level 100: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/bVAjkGRZ (current status)

  1. Crossroad Green
  2. Spider
  3. remove Crossroad Green
  4. Crossroad Red
  5. Mantis (quickest way to get Hydra)
  6. Hydra
  7. remove Crossroad Red
  8. Crossroad Blue
  9. Eel
  10. remove Crossroad Blue
  11. Kraken
  12. Solael’s Witchblade
  13. Toad
  14. remove Mantis
  15. Viper
  16. Solemn Watcher
  17. Crossroad Red
  18. Revenant
    18.a if only three node of Revenant are left to take: Crossroad Blue
    18.b Remove Eel
    18.c Complete Revenant
    18.d remove Crossroad Red and Blue
  19. Magi
  20. 5 nodes of Uluzin’s Torch (right nodes of the Torch)
  21. the last 3 devotion points are free to use, here: Scholar’s Light

The early investment has two target devotions: Hydra (damage, OA, attack speed, Adcth) and Kraken (damage, attack speed). Most other devotions are taken to reach as fast as possible the requirements while providing some (temporary) good stats. E.g., as early in the game it is likely that some of the damage is pierce damage, Mantis is a good temporary small damage boost. The first target after Kraken is Solael’s Witchblade - to level the fire resist reduction skill, followed by Solemn Watcher for the to boost the defensive. Viper provides necessary affinities and some good stats. Revenant is the next target for the Adcth and the resist reduction skill. (see 18.a - 18.d are a way to finish Revenant quicker by removing Eel before completing Revenant). Magi and Uluzin’s Torch for the % fire damage bonus and OA. The last 3 devotions points are free to use, here Scholar’s Light for the small % elemental damage bonus was taken.

see Grimtools

Gear This build relies on specific Monster Infrequent items. In some cases, it is important to farm suitable version more than once. However, while levelling, acceptable ones will often be good enough, as they must be exchanged later by higher level versions. In case of crossbow and amulett, a good rolled lower level version might be better than a not so good rolled higher level version (see, e.g., the crossbow used from level 60 - 80). For some slots (cloves and boots) random non faction drops or Epic / Legendary items might provide better stats, however, faction gear allows to provide a more standardized baseline character and is therefore used here - even if some of the mentioned alternative gear for these slots was found.

Guaranteed Epic / Legendary Drops

head: Fettan Mask - +1 to all skills, guaranteed drop from Urn Cluster

Monster Infrequents (MI):


Korvan Armor - Piercing damage to fire conversion, fire damage MI, alternative:
Galakros Singed Plating - Chaos damage to fire conversion, +2 tp Explosive Strike, fire damage MI
Vilgazor’s Heart - +1 to all skills in Demolitionist, can be farmed from Vilgazor
Balthazar’s Crest - Flame Touched bonus, can be farmed from Nicholas Balthazar
Solael-Sect Legguard - Adcth, resistances, can be farmed from Guardian of Solael


weapon: Ugdenbog Arcaneweaver - Elemental damage passthrough crossbow with +4 to Fire Strike

Faction Gear:

The Desolator - +2 to all skills to Demolitionist, passthrough - craftable, blueprint sold from Malmouth Resistance faction vendor
Coven Arcane Spaulders - +3 to Fire Strike
Malmouth Arcane Seal - Elemental damage and +2 to Explosive Strike
Solael Stormfire Seal - Fire damage and OA
Mark of Burning Shadows - alternative to Balthazar’s Crest (easier to cap resistance) - craftable, blueprint sold from Cult of Solael faction vendor
Malmouth Arcane Girdle - +1 to all skills in Demolitionist
Elite Rhowari Grips - generic attack speed faction gloves, can be replaces by better random drop or craft
Elite Legion Greaves - physical resistance faction boots, can be replaces by better random drop or craft


Korvaak’s Deception - +1 to all skills in Demolitionist, fire damage and OA and DA

What Else / What Now

Go Farming: The character is able to farm totems (and some challenge dungeons and some nemesis and (low) shards in the Shattered Realm) in Ultimate.

The direct endgame version of the concept is [ -] (2H Ranged) Let's bring BIG GUNS TO THE BATTLE - Desolator Purifier [c+] [sr+]

Other Purifier endgame builds can be found in Build Compendium X (Forgotten Gods) - #23 by Stupid_Dragon.


Thanks for the build, we definitely need one around the Desolator gun.

You could just change relic and the character would be truly SSF all other things are easy target farmable I believe (high level component blueprint only require for example 1h of farming totems after leveling my character to 100 - they have higher chance / priority or something like that over other blueprints).

Devo proc with WPS - I made some tests once and I think Storm Spread (with 4 projectiles) was the best, followed closely by Chilling Round. Bursting Round I rated the worst because it’s just 1 hit / proc chance on a boss with no minions.

Maybe 1p for Deadly Aim could be found somewhere?

Devotions I’d personally go for Ghoul / Elemental Storm, maybe Chariot and drop Revenant, Solemn Watcher (compensate on gear / Physique). But yours works well too of course. Also what’s the deal with not finishing Meteor? ; )

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If you play long enough, you will have the blueprint and it is self-found. :wink:

But to be honest, all other relics were somehow not that interesting - visible also in the fact that I used the first early one until the change. And not using Korvaak’s Deception would have required some gear farming to fill the holes - something which was not very high on my “want to do” list (e.g. the character still uses a level 84 armor).

The most likely “cheap” alternative would likely be Conflagration (but than, why not sinply use the skill for levelling) or Annihilation (well, also already level 70). One possible “lower (well, also 70)” level inquistor relic could be Bane.

I think the assumption here is that all Storm Spread projectiles hit, or? And I assume that with Bursting Round also the AoE hits might trigger the devotion proc. Therefore the used binding - as the character is mainly intented as campaign map farmer with lots of enemies - where one Bursting Round hits multiple enemies. If this assumption is wrong, a different binding would obviously make more sense. For a single boss killer I would also have used a different binding.

Thought about it more than once - as more or less the last 2-3 skill points are free - but than 2/12 Deadly Aim did not looked that promising (the same applies to Arcane Empowerment). So I decide to go for the marginal higher proc change for Bursting Round.

Looks better that way. :innocent:

As I finished the devotions - I had no free skill to bind Meteor. And afterward, I simply stuck with this decision. And I think that it will be not that helpful as perhaps expected (well, can be wrong here).

Killing the typical trash mobs happens rather fast (beside some human high resistance enemies) - so that the proc would come to late for this kind of enemies - as you have already moved on. The additional damage would likely be nice in boss room encounters, but there the build has other issues (you cannot really move that much as Adcth is the main sustain - but certain enemies cannot be facetanked as their projectiles kill you with one hit).

But I think your question and @fishy image comment make it rather clear that Meteor might be a good alternative for the last three rather free devotion points. :wink:

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ahahah, I am just dying seeing that picture… could post it on meme tab and get millions of likes.

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Take torch but not take the skill from tourch ???
Man this is how you play GD in 2021. LMAO

hey guys,

a bit offtopic, but what fire strike build is the best nowadays to farm at least all ultimate dungeons consistently?

What about between two handed and dual-wield? What are the main differences?


Desolator Purifier: Tanky from Justicar set, strong leech but build is little bit slow because there are not many aoe to clear big mobs.
Two DW melee Variant: Same as the above.
I remember there is a Nex and Ortus cold fire strike somewhere but cant find it any, pretty viable for cruci and SR75-76 farming

Cool that you posted this build! I tried leveling it but wasn’t fun honestly. Ranged builds (auto-attackers) feel inferior compared to casters. But Desolator is faction bought recipe weapon, so can be used in budget setups.


Will you finish this build?

u use so much green, why not also use Ugdenbog Arcaneweaver, 100% Chance to pass through Enemies to Fire Strike can improve a lot.

  • Desolator has pass-through as well.

  • It’s a beginner build so it’s natural that it has many greens.

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sure, u are right.

The budget build is finished, some potential endgame builds are linked or can be found in the corresponding section of the compendium [edit: the idea behind a budget build to present a path to level 100, from this point on (or even a bit ealier - depends on the gear available) you should start to develop your build to the intended target build]

well, the Ugdenbog Arcaneweaver is used as early as possible for levelling just because it has pass-through - also to get the player used to this kind of gameplay before moving to the final (standardized) rifle

Hello, big noob here. I’m following this build in veteran, I’m at a point where I need to choose between Kymon’s chosen and order of death’s vigil. Any tips?

The final build uses an augment from Kymon’s Chosen, so that is the choice you should make.


thanks, I did see Cult of solael there but somehow I thought that Kymon’s chosen and that were different things

These are different things: Kymon's Chosen - Faction - Grim Dawn Item Database
  Cult of Solael - Faction - Grim Dawn Item Database

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And I thought this had clarified it :wink: - happy levelling (the augment itself is nice but not that important)

sorry for the (maybe stupid) question how do you remove devotion points (as mentioned in point 3 of this build)?