[ -] (2H Ranged) Let's bring BIG GUNS TO THE BATTLE - Desolator Purifier [c+] [sr+]

Meet Octavia.
She’s a nice girl.
And she loves guns. BIG guns.

This is one of my favoured builds, alongside with SJ Puri and Soulrend Reaper. Durable as tank, hard-hitting and demolishing hordes of mobs in seconds, Octavia is now really on top of ranged and even all builds. UPDATE

Desolator got a slight buff, also tweaked skill points a bit. GRIMTOOLS LINK - CLICK ME

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New GRIMTOOLS LINK and new videos of SR/Crucible added. UPDATE
I know, you all love Octavia, this nice girl with a big gun. Unfortunately, one evil “genius” broke her favourite amulet and made Octavia very upset.
But there’s no time to sit and cry! Octavia is back, with new nice amulet and stronger than before.

GRIMTOOLS (updated)



  • Armor - bis, best fire-oriented set in-game;
  • Weapon - BiS and core of the build, with its 100% chance to pass through enemies the build becomes an unstoppable machine of destruction, slaying hordes of monsters in seconds;
  • Amulet - R.I.P epic Beronath, but this one gives +1 to needed masteries and +%damage. May be replaced by a well-rolled Kaisan’s Eye or M.Peerless Eye of Beronath;
  • Boots - +2 for AoC and mines, stun res, cool proc with damage absorb.



  • High DA and armor, very tanky. OA is also surprisingly high, can go past 4k in Cruci.
  • Very good aoe-damage.
  • Has few buttons to push so is simple in piloting.
  • Easy to lvl-up and fun to play.


  • Not very good solo-target damage.



Build also kills Avatar but that fight was long and boring so wasn’t recorded.



Lots of thanks for help all Safarel Discord Community

All my builds are available here: Afanasenkov26’s Build collection


Cheers for that build :champagne:

I really like this weapon and Justicar set is pretty good and added armor allows you to build tanky.

Thanks :smiley:

Glad to see you and your builds here.
Welcome to burjuika, tovarisch.

/\yKoC 3aIIu/\u

Yeah, finally I’m here too
Thanks both you and Omni :raised_hands:

That’s the remake of Superfluff’s classics, nice! (but probably should mention him in credits :slight_smile:)

Superfluff is a great builder, but …come on now…

I’ll bet 100s have come to this build conclusion. You have:

  • common weapon

  • common 4 pc set

  • logical belt and medal

  • logical relic

  • green boots for shortcomings.

  • typical rings

Let’s not get silly about ownership of a limited end-game item juggling. It’s nice that the OP took the effort to post a build for others to think about.

If he did get inspiration from Superfluff’s build, then yes should say as much. But if not…why?


I didn’t say “ownership”, I said “probably should mention”. I fully realise that this is a very obvious and common spec :slight_smile:
I also like how afanasenkov26 made it, as I said, great job!

Nice to see this build in action!

Does this build still hold up in the latest update?

Yes. Not sure about sr75-76 cuz haven’t tested, but for every other stuff it’s completely viable.

Added: new GT setup and Crucible run made by @mad_lee (special thanks to him!):

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Incredibly strong build. It’s a bit weaker than Valdun’s Purifier but much tankier. New change to Desolator is just sick. Only bad thing about it is that my old PC can barely handle it.

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Yup, Desolator looks strong! And now you’re the master gunner having played both Desolator and Valduun.

I’ve made Valdun (although it’s not a hard build to figure out obviously) and polished a bit Afanasenkov’s spec. Not really a master gunner. Just a master builder. :sunglasses:

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And masterful modesty and ofc meme police sheriff :slightly_smiling_face:

But we played long enough to see Valduun on the top of ranged food chain followed by Desolator. Quite something!

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From my experience of playing both Valdun and Desolator Purifiers they are on top of all auto-attacking builds foodchain, and not just ranged AA.

Very interesting, so they are better than Venomblade Dervish, cold Infiltrator and Stormreaver (hybrid)? Very weird. So after all that ranged discussion, we find out ranged with proper gear support it’s insanely strong and not just underachiever. Hope it doesn’t fall under the wheels.

I think Stormreaver Light Defender Shamans are closer to casters than to auto-attackers, so they are not in the equasion