[Possible Bug] Outcast's Secret Drop Chance - v1.1.9.6

Disregard this post if Grimtools is wrong and the drop chance for Outcast’s Secret is intended to be much smaller than 6%.

Grimtools shows a 15% chance for Anasteria to drop either Outcast’s Hood or Outcast’s secret, with a 3/5 chance of the drop being Outcast’s Hood and 2/5 chance of the drop being Outcast’s Secret. After over 200 runs (on ultimate difficulty after reaching nemesis status with the Outcast), I’ve had over 40 Outcast’s Hood drops and 0 Outcast’s Secret. I don’t think this is me just being unlucky because it’s pretty steep odds (< 1 in 700,000,000) and seems to be a common issue:


Some say they got their secret in just 2 runs (crazy right?). Me? I got it when I had around 20 blue helmets, it really is exhausting, furthermore, if you don’t use any speedup helper tools to cut some slack on your spent time there.

It truly does drop but I also agree that the drop chance is insane and it’s somewhere up there with magi/alkamos rings. I also came to conclusion few years back that it might be that the blue item drop chance is somehow intervening with the purple, meaning if there wasn’t blue chance then purple would pop out like no tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh I see… so this helmet is still an issue huh.
I hope u get it soon. :pray:
I still remember the pain of farming it as well and in the end the one I got had very terrible rolls too… :roll_eyes:

@Zantai you guys had a look into the helmet in the past?
Cuz the droprate of it truely feels horrendous.

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outcast warrant droprate is even worse :grin: :scorv:

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