Skulls & Bones - Pet Cabalist

What Medea said. And flat dmg gets added to pet’s basic attack dmg.

Ay, @Maya fluffy look cooler with the new pair of sunglasses :cool: :sunglasses:

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Hey there. I was wondering, with a build doggo & skeleton oriented, wouldn’t we need some chaos/fire/vitality RR ? I’m playing Cabalist right now, it has a good burst however some bosses have too much res that I can reduce with Vulnerability. It’s even worse against the Ravager; with its 135% or so vitality res, I have a 10th or a 15th of my initial damage which make the fight unbearable.
I’m lacking skill points for ravenous earth, and lacking devotion points.

Maybe I should take Manticore or that ravenous earth trading defensive stats and other spells ? What do you think about it, have you tried ?

Ravenous Earth’s RR only works if the spell gets a kill first. So it won’t help.

Manticore might, but the trade off is a bit too much for me personally.

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Been leveling up with this build and it’s realy fun. Having loads of skellies wrecking everything is oddly satisfying. It has an average uptime work with cursing and reaping souls and buffing but i wish i had another button to press as the playstyle sometimes is mostly running away/avoiding stuff and making sure your pets are alive and min/max buffed.

Nothing wrong with this playstyle, is as valid as all the rest as long as you are having fun, but i suspect that i’ll need to change something to acomodate another active skill. Problem is i’m not realy finding anything that fits here unless you heavily invest points in it, kinda negating the flavour and strenghts of the rest of the build.

I’ll try blight fiend explosion-on-a-cooldown extra ability and having 3 explding around, but i don’t see any build using it so i expect it not to be all that great…

The builds below use Blightfiends, but they are Blightfiend focused builds with no skeletons:

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Hi, Skulls & Bones Master ! (or Mistress ?.. Anyway…)

Still enjoying this amazing build :slight_smile:
But… Just to clarify : “raise spirit” on the Bonescavenger’s Deathgrip is nearly useless, right ?
I mean : pets kill enemies so fast I just can’t even try to kill one to proc the skill :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi, could you please add screenshots of gear/skills/devotions as grimtools seems to be offline for long?

Been trying Dying God Devotion path instead of Mogdrogen and it “feels” more damage, the Life regen delay penalty is kinda funky tough. Not sure if it’s realy all that bad, or it’s just a matter of getting used to it.

But it does make the fights a little bit more engaging, kinda like a risk vs reward cookie.

Correct. It is just for show, more or less. If you are wondering why, blame the devs for trying to make pet hybrids work.

PS: Hybrids don’t work. Not without a major overhaul to the system.

Grimtools should be back up now. Sorry, I couldn’t get back to you sooner

Yeah, you need to get used to the negative regen, especially with enemies that have strong DoT skills. But it does give a huge boost to the damage. So if you don’t mind the risk, it will be worth the trouble.


Been using this setup (the more defensive one with Healing Rain and Nature’s Guardian) and it’s realy smooth to play. I come from a retaliation Sentinel so i enjoy the more defensive “hardy” style of this build.

Made a few changes to get a few more sustainable HP regen (with points in bat with skeletons proccing it), and wendigo (on COF procs) and realy works well, it’s even more defensive. The pets are less buffed but Hp is constantly coming up with the added devotion procs. Not sure if it’s end-game viable for the pets’ survival, but it’s fun now. Oh and i got some points for staff of rattosh with this diferent path - Very good devotion for pets’ stats.

Hi, thanks for the build. Curious how long it takes for it to do a crucible run?

I haven’t checked in the current patch, but should be less than 12 mins on a blessings+banner run.
I don’t really bother with the crucible anymore, so my builds don’t get optimized for it any more.

kind of necro post, but since necromancer is one of masteries, hope same will be forgiven :slight_smile:

if you drop Crane and put 4 poitns in Lion + yellow crossroad, you can put 6 points in Light of Empyrion and get that 6th devotion point for +3% max aether/chaos for player and +5% max res for pets.
The loss is res from Crane (not so significant) and you have to invest 22 points in spirit to equip Cataclysm Eye, so DA is 2823 instead of 2867, though hp is 20500 instead of 19500.
Not sure which one is better.

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Good eye. It also gives a bit more speed towards move speed cap. I am putting off updating my builds till the patch drops (no idea on when it will arrive though), but will definitely test it. The DA drop should not cause any problems, I think.

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@Maya Thanks for taking the time to create these great builds.

I am new to the game, got it Friday and played around a bit. Totally love it though.

The Diablo 2 pet Necromancer and pet Druid were all time favorite play styles and characters for me; played it till recently in spite of Diablo 3 being around. Kicking myself though that I did not discover this gem of a game earlier.

I do not know enough of this awesome game yet to make objective decisions as to what pet builds comes closest to the D2 skelly necro and D2 wolf + spirit druid builds.

The difficulty and player involvement (amount of buttons to press and time needed between button presses) comes secondary to the closeness of playing the D2 classes above; if that makes sense :wink:

Could you possible please advise me on the above.

Anything that uses the Lost Souls item set should more than qualify for D2 Necro themewise. If you want less buttons and a lazier playstyle, then you are definitely in the right thread :stuck_out_tongue:

On the topic of Druid however, things get a bit sketchy as there are no actual equivalents to it. However a Pet Conjurer might come close. I will link 2 of mine below:

Elemental version with focus on double birds: The Fluffy Squishy - Pet Conjurer
Bleed based with focus on Briarthorns + a Cat: Sanguine Lupus - Pet Conjurer


Excellent, thanks @Maya; most appreciated.

I am going to dive into this build here on this page first then :+1:

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Ok, so a bit of an update on the build: It sucks!

Like seriously sucks when compared to everything else. And I have been trying to get it to par with the rest with no success. For the time being, I have simply decided to give up on Skeletons.

As such, if anyone is reading and thinking about making this build, I would like to suggest that you do not as it would simply be a waste of your time and effort.

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Noooooooo i was enjoying it!

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