[Tool] Get Grim Dawn

Get Grim Dawn

Get Grim Dawn is an online tool that gets character data from Grim Tools character URLs, and then calculates the team buffs and multiplayer benefits for a build. It will showcase all of the buffs and healing from all skills, devotions and gear pieces that affect allies, as well as a list of all debuffs that the build brings to enemies.

If you notice anything that seems incorrect with your character build and the benefits or debuffs that Get Grim Dawn displays, please double check the build and then reply to this post below with screenshots and descriptions. I’m still ironing out some of the kinks in it. :slight_smile:

Click here to check it out:

Important Update

The Download Character JSON has been removed from GetGrimDawn. Fret not, avid theorycrafters! This feature is now available in a much faster, easier, nicer, more streamlined way in @Odie 's GD Save File Editor. To speedily get your TheoryCrafts into the game, download and run his editor, then type in:

  • make-char < your grimtools url >

Disclaimer: This functionality is designed to assist the avid theorycrafters here in the community. Using this functionality just to get some ‘maxed out character’ in game quickly before you’ve finished playing the game as intended is highly likely to disrupt your enjoyment of the game UNLESS you are an endgame theorycrafter.



What you have been working on this past year is pure gold! It is going to be a game changer for those who want to quickly field test their GT theorycrafted characters. Thanks so much for all your hard work!


Holy smokes @WyreZ! This is some fantastic work here and very much appreciated! Such an amazing time saver for build-making. :scream:

I just tried to paste a GT link, but I got an error. Here’s the screenshot with the build URL included:

Edit: looks like it was browser specific. Works in Firefox!


Assuming this works, this is revolutionary for the quality and quantity of the builds being made.
I.e. I usually test 1 variant of the build due to lack of time. I always try my best but I doubt the offense / defense balance is perfect.


I will probably crash whatever server this is hosted on with the hundreds of builds I have and plug them into the code!
Simply amazing, I love it!

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Heya! Thanks for the screenie. Is this a repeat occurence? Sometimes this error can occur if Grimtools is down or laggy, or if the server hosting GetGrimDawn is doing something curious.

What happens if you try again in the original browser?

I have only tested this app in Chrome, so I’d be surprised if it doesn’t work in Chrome…

I feel exactly the same way… and that’s why I wanted to try and build it with Odie. He’s been an absolute legend in getting this working - My tool gets the character data, his tool places it in game. I know I have a backlog of theorycraft ideas that I haven’t put into the game yet due to time constraints, so I’ve been enjoying finally being able to get to them in a timely manner. :smiley:

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Tested it out and worked great for me. Thanks to everyone that helped put this together!

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Thanks for testing it out! :smiley:

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tested, it really works.
tho the items’ rolls are random (unfortunately) and there’s no way to assign craft bonuses on items (which is kinda important).
I dunno if it can be fixed somehow or not but still appreciate the very effort to make such a tool.

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Ty ty! Yep, we’re looking into getting completion bonuses in there at the moment.


Seems like too much hassle for such a program.
I think it would have to keep drawing seeds randomly, translating them to item stats and checking if they match values chosen by the user :grimacing:

Personally I’m going to find best build variants with random rolls using this tool, after having final build change some items with bad rolls and at the end make a final performance test


Привет) Думаю крафтовый шмот можно и в стэшере нужный нарисовать. Это дело пары минут. А так всю основную работу прога сама сделает

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Thank you, WyreZ for the effort you have put into creating this tool, but unlike GrimTools I just can’t bring myself to use it.

Just as your warning at the beginning says:
A long time ago ( I wanted to see how far I can push my main character, and GDStash-ed some double rare MIs. I succeeded (she is immortal), but since then I hardly ever played with her, it soured my fun. (Rolling back felt awfully weak, and keeping the items felt cheating.) :frowning_face:

So I’ll just stick with the slower, old fashioned method…

(Off-topic, but I enjoy reading your co-op SR build threads! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

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Very much this. Just the time saved from creating the character, doing the Devotions/Skills/Attributes is huge. Having to reroll some items or craft with bonuses at the end is not a bad thing at all!


Of course! And it’s important to know that about yourself and what you want out of the game. That’s why the disclaimer is there :slight_smile:

But then, I hope the team buffs calculator might help you plan out characters without necessarily importing them into the game if you’re interested in building for multiplayer.

And, thank you for the kind words re: coop SR builds :smiley:

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My wife and I still play one of his builds. He made an assembly for my personal letter to him. I also took into account how we want to play. Once again thank you very much WyreZ.

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Thank you @Aarde_UKR ! I’m so glad you guys have been enjoying the builds :slight_smile:

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With the hard work of @Odie , the GetGrimDawn + Odie’s Save File Editor combination now includes relic completion bonuses :smiley:

Download the latest version of the save file editor to include this feature - https://forums.crateentertainment.com/t/tool-gd-save-file-editor/


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