[] Albrecht the Tank - tanky fire AAR Templar, easy SR 65+


The reason behind this build is to make another AAR tank - this time fire AAR with my favourite class combo - Templar. Tankiness comes from 10 % ADCtH to AAR from amulet and off-hand. Additional healing is from devotions - Bat and Scales - partial conversion from vitality and pierce to fire (rings and belt). I also use healing increase mechanic - base is 20 % + all crafting bonuses are to it (up to 32 % total) and Resilience increases it even more (up to 52 % total). Build is comfortable to play. You don’t interrupt AAR much - only Ascension and Judgment need to be used with it. Build kills fast and is relatively tanky. It is not as tanky as my other two AAR tanks (aether and chaos). It kills faster than my chaos AAR and less fast than my aether AAR build. SR 65-66 is very easy. Of these three AAR tanks it is generally the least powerful but still powerful enough.

I have other AAR builds here, here, here and here.

GRIMTOOLS https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2joAJnV

Build uses two green monster infrequent items - Alexander’s Legguards and Pulsing Shard. You want bonuses for OA, DA and fire damage. All crafting bonuses are to healing increase.

image from the game with passive buffs only


image from the game with passive buffs + Ascension, Elemental Imbalance and Inspiration



nice DPS 210k - 250k

nice crit damage - 72 % (with Elemental Imbalance 90 %) - I often see crits with above 3x multiplier

OK OA - lower base OA around 2900 OA (with Ascension and Inspiration close to 3100 OA)

158 DA reduction to enemies from Judgment + Annihilation

capped cast speed (with good rolled items)

OK fire RR, up to -85 % - fire RR from Elemental Storm (or Scales), Guardians and Solael’s Witchblade


OK life above 13 000 HP

OK DA - above 2900 DA (with Inspiration abeve 3000 DA and with Resilience above 3200 DA)

55 OA reduction to enemies from Annihilation

% damage absorption from Maiven‘s Sphere

% damage reduction from helm

flat damage absorption from Ascension

OK physical resistance 29 %

lower armor above 1650

high CC resistances

maxed resistances with reasonable relatively decent overcap

healing from Bat and Scales (conversion from pierce and vitality to fire)

Mirror of Ereoctes


Prismatic Rage from component


SR 65-66 is very easy. I guess that this build can do high SR. I don’t push my characters higher but it can go a lot higher if you are a skilled player. I don’t play Crucible so I don’t have a time number for it.

image from SR 66

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Do you have a leveling guide for this build?

Until level 35 I would use a fireball from component + OFF, from level 35 use skill from conflagration relic + OFF, from level 94 you can switch to the build. There are many other options.


I have seen almost ALL of your builds Duchy, I like some of them, but i find that most of your builds arent good in crucibal. I really wish you could try to make one because I feel like you have so much potential but the builds are half done. Still thanks for the builds.

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That is because I don’t care at all about Crucible. I never played it and I don’t plan changing it. I also don’t see any point playing past SR 65-66. It is easily accessible and good for farming and you can buy SR set also. Anything above this reduces greatly possible combinations for builds. There are enough of smug ‘elitist (russian)’ builders already. Try their builds for CR. I prefer main camapign and I don’t even like SR that much but it is good for farming and to complete your char you need SR 50. So instead I play SR 65-66 - you complete your char and have access to all items. If char points and SR set weren’t in SR I wouldn’t even play it and just stick to MC. I don’t like much this modern nonsense like CR and SR.

Also I am now taking some time off from gaming but I will be back sometime in the future.