[] Physical Forcewave spammig Warlord


2H Forcewave is popular option for leveling Soldier based characters, it’s easy and straightforward. End game FW don’t scale that well but I want to show proper end game version for the Warlord class.

*Both build and guide are completely remade for patch.


  • pic with permanent buffs, DPS for Forcewave

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YNn8rGOV

GEAR: :hammer_and_pick:

The most crucial item is Stonefist Rebuke, boosting FW skill, adding cast speed, physical resistance and +2 all Soldier skills. Also Gladiator’s Belt and Sigil of Bear King medal are very important items.

Relic+head, decided to use items for RR boost, Ravager head for +1 all skills and RR proc and Deathstalker relic. Defensively you could go with Serenity relic + helm with FW/Ascension mod.


Assassins’ Mark on Forcewave is always good start for physical builds. Also Scales for healing and flat RR is crucial for this build. Kraken is basically mandatory for any 2H builds. I also decided to use Dire Bear for armor shred, since this build is purely physical and non-converted from other damage types, so physical damage have to go through enemies armor. Also used is Empyrion devotion as T3, also options are Azraaka or Oleron.


Build can do with ease 4x runs in Crucible, did just one run, time could be faster with more playing time - 5:21

Did also SR 85 and Mogrogen super boss. Ravager, died close to win with consumables, so I can conclude isn’t worth trying it on this particular setup.


Reserved,just in case

do yuo test it?

maybe u should pick ForceWave to Azrakaa
and Guardians to Assassin’s Mark ?

How exactly is working the proc? But if is a modifier only to Guardians,outside of the debuff is a waste and I should reverse it.

Nice one, looks almost identical to the one I theorycrafted prior to FG release

guardians is pets
and whey proc Azrakaa very very bad
not each hit

but Assassin’s Mark they can proc every hit with nice OA
you build have a lot of OA
thats why i pick devotions with 100% chans on crit to pets (Guardians)
it is mechanic of GD

where is a button Pets to Atack
use it to direct Guardians

Thanks!I just saw your build now,looks really close,except you picked Blade Arc,while my focus in mainly on FW.

Thanks for the info,now it’s correct in GT.

They do have a 20% chance upon hitting a target. One guardian = 20%, two 36%, aura 48.8%. Or in other words, each guardian has 20% chance to proc it, and another 20% each Celestial Presence tick.

then show us how good guardians can proc Azrakaa

They don’t. Guardian hit only once per sec. Azraaka has 0.5s CD and not have 100% proc chance. They will not procced consistently. Also I never see the aura can proc devo. I take the point off its aura on my deathmarked Dervish because apparently it’s useless for proccing devo.

Bound GoE to assassin’s blade and forcewave to azraaka are the way to go.

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i say the same in the 3-d post :smiley:

And I already said,that GT link is now corrected :smiley:

BTW, forcewave phys warlord seems interesting and can potentially become really powerfull. I can’t see your devo right now. Did you try meteor shower?

What’s always lacking from phys build is additional damaging proc. Plus forcewave need a lot of proc to support it.

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I haven’t.Again unlike most of my build is morе of a whimsy.My current devotions features Azraaka and Ulzaad,but very few red&greens.

I think they hit faster than that, plus there are two of them.

True, their aura do not seem to trigger devo procs

Crucible run results:

6:24 run video

Did 3 runs with Divine mandate and times were about the same if not slightly worse. One of the runs even went over 7mins. You’d think the extra crit damage would help but apparently not :undecided:

Solid, safe and consistent build for crucible farming. Last phys forcewave build i tried ( had a 8-9min clear time. This is a pretty significant step up

Nicely done :slight_smile:

Why Warlord? As for me, Withchblade is still better there. You get extra poison & physical resist, and isnt forced to spend so many skillpoints…

I would try something in this way. Phys Warlord depends on Ulzaad and Ascension. Also I like Aeons very much:rolleyes: