Best build for an old geezer

Ok so I have had surgery on my wrists in the last year so my reflexes are slow to say the least. I do not have the reflexes to cast any skills that give immunity like mirror, I am very dependent on just defense and procs, although I can down a pot as needed.

I am currently playing the squishy pet build and it is doing amazing, so I will farm gear with this build.

I would like to start looking for gear for a good melee build that gives me a huge amount of survival without a lot of button clicks. Hopefully a build that I can use 2-3 buttons and be able to clear 75-76 SR well. I was leaning toward Warlord or Death Knight.

Could someone link me a couple builds that would be suited for me I could look at? I have read a lot of builds on here that are saying easy SR90 build, but then I notice they take 5-6 active skills and monitoring. Any help would be appreciated!!!

BTW, I saw the EoR from Nery I was interested in trying, just not sure if it is something I could handle under the restrictions I have.

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a vitality caster build should be right up your alley.
these usually provide alot of life gain, respecable damage & some dont require you to press alot of buttons either.
plus they dont need a ton of gear to get started and scale well into endgame too.
fairly sure you would find something here in the forums by checking the build compendium x.

not the melee build ur looking for but an option to keep in mind. :slight_smile:

The builds I remember to have few buttons and be tanky:

[] The Guardian of Erulan - Ranged Cadence Gun/Shield Tactician [SR 100] [All Celestials]

[] The Silver Crossbow - 2H ranged pierce Purifier SR 90/CR+

To check for yourself:

Avenger warder/warlord
shattering smash warlord

mega regen VF Demo+X (very slow killer tho)

probably worth to mention @tqFan has some QoL stuff just for situations like this/low mobility or general lazy button play

or a helping hand hardmod


I’m pretty old too. This build is good if you have the gear, green boots can be replaced with an appropriate legendary, same with medal and pants. It’s still strong, Archon. Only a few buttons, 2 or 3.

This might fit you as well: Blademaster, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

360 degree Cadence, so you don’t have to care about positioning, and only three mandatory skills (Cadence, Pneumatic Burst and War Cry), so realistically you can play it with mouse only. Dunno about SR75, but it can do 65 alright. Given your predicament, that should be enough.

I wouldn’t recommend a vitality caster, at least not a conjurer, as the gameplay involves rotating between a lot of skills. Death knights also require more button press than some other form of fighter, to refresh some bonus. I would be more inclined to wardlord for a less demanding gameplay.

The guardian of Erulan mentionned above: I have one in progress, and it’s indeed super tanky. Gear requirement is rather tough however.

EOR: I have played a fire based one, too squishy for high level content but the leveling itself was a total breeze with it. If you find a tanky variation, it should do the job. Forcewave also destroy content pretty constantly.

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I really have to thank you for posting a link to tqFAN’s mod making the game so, so much enjoyable for this old geezer with the Lazy mod, I was playing a pet build with too many buttons for even both bars last night. It was horrible to handle in SR. Today installed the mod, what a difference!

Doesn’t get much simpler than this, though doing SR75-76 is not easy with it, at least for me. I’d stick to 65-66.


you can try this Warder, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

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I would recommend this: [] [HC] Avenger Warder, Facetank all superbosses, SR90+, 8k average HP regen, physical 2h Savagery
The build creator is a great HC player and this one is an excellent build to smash some faces.

I’d say any build based on normal attack replacers and passives, you can just run around with a few buffs up and just left click everything into piles of slag and viscera.