GrimSheet: Endgame Build Table - ETE edition [v1.41]

Don’t challenge me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maybe you could make Fire FoI Paladin? Shouldn’t take you a lot of time since you’ve got a lot of experience with FoI (although it’s not nice to assume how much time someones needs for something). Or maybe someone could ask omnitrio to update his.

In theory @Crittrain and I have been trying to do paladin builds but somehow I crapped out a few oppressors and he’s doing a warder atm so welp

Paladin gunners have seemed very anemic on flat damage, will take another look soon

edit: swing one and a miss. would have to shift points to tank/ghoul/etc, crashed and burned hard on both grava and kuba in SR85 first level with neutral mutators. Kill speed not great even before doing that

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Rutnick acid retal paladin challenge

@Slev1n did 4 runs and showed the results. All times are in commentary. I didn’t asked for all 4 videos, just for one and proof for other.

sorry, my bad, i overlooked it.

Paladin, Mage Hunter and Purifier, hence most of their builds are outdated.
Defiler, Sabo and Deceiver are just lacking any.

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@Nery liked your comment, didn’t respond yet has his own 5.03 Sabo [] The new clothes of Sabo! Cold DW Saboteur SR75/CR+. Probably too lazy to fill in the submission form

I’m sure Deceiver has competitive builds. Just out-dated / maybe not tested properly:

His sabo is there though.

As for the latest deceiver - it doesn’t meet the criteria.

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Sorry I didn’t look thought there are virtually none.

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Right now, only paladin has 0 builds, because all of them are outdated.

Id love to see an Acid Horn of Gandar paladin build if anyone is up for the challenge?


As the self-proclaimed toot master, I must rise to the challenge, although that would be embarrassing for Paladin if that were the only build on the sheet

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that would be based.
i want to see omnitrio burn.


That would be based? What would that be based on?

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Please do, you will be my hero. I am currently working on developing one but I am at a loss of what direction to go for multiple things to achieve optimum Acid HoG glory.

Hellborn was nerfed but @thejabrixone one was good, maybe someone will update it. Also Virtue should be great, classical fire devotions route or shield focus+Empyrion. Possible problem is lack of +skill points and I am not sure about Serenity there. @tqFan wants Fire FoI but I personally prefer Purifier or Mage hunter. Judgment tank was one of my favorite early FG era builds and can be SR machine no doubt about it.

Purifier is also easy class for updates. Ranged DW or 2H can be godly in Crucible and still decent enough in SR.

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I think my physical rune paladin fits the bill.

I know the post title says but it’s been updated since then. I’m sure I could give it a one over and make it a little faster too. Sub 5 crucible and I’m sure it can do Sr 85 if I bothered to remake and test it.

The most recent video I made

Plasmo has a video of a near 4:30 somewhere

I could make a build post about my ranged retal paladin but need to find better shield first :stuck_out_tongue: and maybe change medal…

[v1.23] Changelog is finished.
Waiting for updated paladins and purifiers (especially for acid horn paladin)


God yes, me too! Acid Horn of Gandar Paladin… could be pretty interesting… Something that came to mind while I have been trying to piece one together- is there any way to convert the flat Pierce or Elemental from Inquisitor Seal to Acid?