Is there any caster build focusing on all elemental dmg?

Hi guys!
I tried to find an all elemental build but they’re either old or just focus on 1 element.
Does anyone have any build about it? And the flashier the better!

For example (current patch).

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Check this one. It’s very flashy by @nofika4u

Horn of Gandarr Mage Hunter:

Elemental Forcewave Tactician:

Elemental Flames of Ignaffar Apostate

Obliteration build from Mythical Tome of the Arcane Wastes

Elemental Runes based on The Runebinder set

Elemental Panetti

Elemental TSS


I never tested this one and it might need some tweaking before it’s good, but this was intended to be a 3-elements mage with spell effects that showed all three elements being used :smiley:

Fire runes, ice runes, cold Olexra’s, lightning Storm Box and Chain Lightning… then with devotion procs Reckless Tempest, Fissure and Blizzard for extra lightning/fire/cold spell effects.

A quick glance at the build tells me it could use some tweaks before building it (lacks healing and hp), but the devotion setup and concept might give you some ideas :smiley:

I found this guide you create pretty flashy, why do you not recommend it?

Because it’s melee / hybrid and you asked for a caster.
I’d say having to directly “touch” enemies with Savagery makes it this way.

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so it’s my misunderstanding. I thought caster still can be melee, and thing that’s not caster use skills like eor, summon, etc.
But that build is exactly what I’m looking for. Builds you give are still nice btw, I just choose the most impressive build imo.

Sure, just saying that all these builds are similarly impressive visually it’s just that in the video you found graphical settings are so that it all looks more flashy whereas for example in the first video from my post graphical settings are tuned down / very subdued for best possible FPS on player’s machine in Crucible.

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now you mention it, there are so many build with all element. Since I found very few I thought it’s not that much. Now all your builds make me confused, I dont know what to choose.
Can u suggest me which I should choose? I prefer not channeling skills and tanky if possible.

I’m not sure what to recommend you because those are either not up-to-date, not beginner friendly / easy to make, would need to be modified to be more tanky, channeling, not casters etc.

so you’d need to do more digging / wait for some other recommendations / maybe also ask on Discord

Does the build have to include all elements? What about two (Fire and Lightning for example)?

How do you feel about mortars and storm totems? Would you like a build that relies on those placeables?

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I too have a tri ele panetti build :
its a bit green heavy but I think should be manageable with alternatives.

I’ve just theorycrafted this one. It’s not perfect at all, but, it’s ticking a lot of the boxes - 3 elements, very flashy with lots of effects, tanky, does not use channelled ability.

Lightning spell effects: Wind Devils + Reckless Tempest + Chain Lightning

Fire spell Effects: Rune of Kalastor, Phoenix Fire

Cold Spell Effects: Blizzard, Rune of Hagarrad

Other spell effects: Dawnshard x2, Korvaak’s Vengeance

Tankiness comes from: Max’d Inquisitor Seals + Phoenix Fire damage absorption; 1000 resting regen, 2500 with all buffs and procs up; healing from Twin Fangs, Wendigo Totem and AOE life leech from Horn of Gandarr; 30% Reduced Enemy Damage from Horn of Gandarr; Rewind Fate circuitbreaker and decent HP for a mage (18,000); Apothecary’s Touch can serve as a secondary heal potion.

The build’s damage will be not bad but not great. With full buffs up, it gives wide reaching 200 DA reduced to enemies and has 2779 OA, so will crit fairly often. However, without Deadly Aim active, this build strongly lacks OA. Still, the wide-reaching AOE of the build will be good, so clearing through large groups of enemies shouldn’t take too much more time than clearing single enemies which will be nice.

The total elemental resistance reduction of the build is -114 to all elements.

If any of the other theorycrafters want to build on this idea and run with it, please do so. It’s an untested, not-fine-tuned draft build that I think might show some potential in ticking the boxes that Nora is looking for.

Enjoy. :slight_smile:

OA is not the best but it’s not the worst so we can give it a pass (probably can be improved in some way).
But damn - 118% Casting Speed with so many skills and a filler skiller - I don’t think it will work and needs to be bumped up.
But maybe I’m wrong because I don’t think I’ve ever played low casting speed caster. I’d get it to 150% - 160% personally.

I decided to pick Arcanist and havent pick 2nd class yet. Of courses I can create new char but since there are too many options you guys give me, I will limit my choice.
I’ve just play GD for 1 month so I cant imagine things when looking at grimtools. Therefore I will decide by showcase videos in the guides you guys give me.
Forgotting asking you. There are 2 guides of yours I’m really satisfied, but why you show only cruncible run, are they not good at sr? I mean the guide I mention above and this
Thanks btw!

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Heh, I didn’t even notice :smiley: Did I mention it was a draft? :wink:

Yeah, well spotted. Most of the damage comes from other sources not dependent on cast speed mind you - Devotions, runes, Horn of Gandarr etc. But the overall damage of the build isn’t looking super great anyway, so the build is definitely in the "I guess it’s fine maybe ? * wince * " box. Runesinged Handguards help a bit with cast speed and DA, but you lose the heal and a chunk of nice regen that helps to make the build tanky. Shrug.

Getting something that’s tanky, and all three elements, with no channelled ability, and lots of flashy effects is an interesting challenge for sure :smiley:

Imo is dependent if you have so many skills to unleash one by one - HoG, Inquisitor Seal, Rune1, Rune2, Wind Devil, Wendigo Totems - it’s going to take a long time and be clunky. Casting speed is not only about spam skills. If you have few cooldoown spells to cast here and there it’s fine.

2000% is not too bad I think for general gameplay. For good Crucible time it is bad though.

Also it’s hard to tell if a build is tanky imo without testing. Sometimes a build might look squishy but manage well anyway and the other way around. Your build might be super tanky but some person can look at it, see 14% Physical Resistance and say it’s squishy af but other defense mechanisms might cover for it.

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I guess for ‘overall damage’ I meant - The OA is low, the damage % is not high, the cast speed is low, the weapon damage is low, the crit damage doesn’t matter because the OA is low - Just, nothing about the damage output of the build is exciting :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, good point. I also hadn’t been thinking about that. I guess it wasn’t a consideration because I usually don’t make builds with such low attack/cast speed!

This one I feel a bit more confident in predicting because I’ve been activelly working on tanky builds for deep SR (the latest tank can handle 165 SR). Because I’ve spent so much time looking into what makes something super tanky, I feel like I’ve got a bit more of a clue there!

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