Method to pay without credit card found by fan

A fan named Dave recently brought to my attention a method of pre-ordering for those who have no credit / debit card.

I’m not personally endorsing this as I’ve never used it and don’t know the company but Dave said that it worked well for him. I know some people were pretty disappointed at not being able to pre-order yet, so I thought I’d share this.

It seems like it might be a bit of a hassle as you have to first sign up, then transfer money from a bank account, then pay. However, if you have a burning desire to contribute with a pre-order and don’t have a credit / debit card, this might be worth checking out.

Here is how he described it working in his email:

"On I clicked on “mywirecard” in the bottom right which brought me to this page: on the top right you can choose your language since the default is german.

After choosing my language I decided I wanted a virtual mastercard so I clicked on “mywirecard MasterCard” which brought me here:

After that I clicked on “register free of charge” filled in my information (Name adress phone number) got an sms to verify it was me and I was registered
Then I send my money over from my bank to their bank via some IBAN code. took 3 days for the money to be received by them and updated in the control panel (somewhat how paypal looks) and then I got a creditcard number in their control panel which I could use on"

Thanks again Dave for taking the time to email me with this info!

If anyone else decides to try it, let us know how it works out.

Also, note that there are certain fees involved:

We’re still planning to add other payment options, so you can also wait it out for that. It won’t be for a while but we will announce it on the forum when it happens. sounds very promising

Great! More people supporting this awesome project! =)

Good news for those didn’t have credit/debit card. :smiley:

I have used Wirecard befor i got my “real” Visa.
The Service is top and the support is great. Even telephone-support in my mother-language (german). Helpfull and nice support-personal.
In 3 years never had a reason to complain. They even helped me cancel my account and transfer my money back. :smiley:

Wirecard is THE CHOICE for Online-Prepaid-Creditcard-Business !!!

PS. Yes, i have used it for porn :wink:

or you could just send me cash in the mail and then I’ll use my credit card to pre-order in your name

For a small processing fee, right? LOL

I would gladly help everyone out for free but unfortunately in this world it’s hard to trust people.

There is always the option of purchasing pre-paid Visa cards for example if you don’t own a regular credit/debit card. The more payment options the better, I suppose. Personally doesn’t matter to me as I’ve already pre-ordered. :smiley:

Pleased cat is pleased. is the easiest way to pay for me and lot of other players. Will be there posibility to pay via this pay system in the future?

I looked this up, and seems to be a OK way to pay, also its got a lot of support in quite a few countires, so who knows, maybe Crate could add the option to pay using this, as it uses a prepaid card scheme

paysafecard would still be my prefered choice, I can just go down to the next gas station, and buy a card with hard cash…

don’t like to give companies my account number, real name, adress etc…

not that I plan anything illegal, but who knows what they’re gonna do with that info, or when they’re gonna be hacked by some mister anonymous or anyone else :wink:

well, for now, wirecard sounds like the least problematic (and one of the only) alternatives for me and some others,

so I might give it a try after all indeed,
in case it’s not possible to see paysafecard as an option…

danke to eisprinzessin for pointing me to this thread :wink:

my pleasure

yes please. add the option of paysafe card. i want a legendary key. i dont have credit card. paysafe is easy to use.

Three people asking for paysafecard. Currently there are [post=35881]about 1500 preorders[/post]. Even if this resulted in an extra 100 preorders, the effort to set up this option would probably not be justified.

There is big possibility it can be much more than 100 pre orders. But it’s a decision of developers if they add paysafecard option.

I think an extra payment option would be a good thing, especailly as there is interest in using it, and Crate needs all the money they can get at the mo

and if everyone of those people buy a legendary key, that would be $4800 (if the number is 100) which wouldn’t be bad going really, so maybe it would be worth having?

BTW - there has been another obstacle in offering additional payment options:

that is sad, but understandable