[MOD] Diablo 3 Classes + Blood Knight: Patch 4.9 Released

Patch 4.9 Available Now

This patch presents a new mastery: The Blood Knight from Diablo Immortal, a two-handed oriented class focused on chaos, vitality and bleeding damage. Also, 11 new items, a set, a cosmetic set and a new legendary gem. Bug fixes and a few balance changes as always.

Important: Make a backup of any Demon Hunter character you have before playing this new version. Some changes were made to DH files in preparation for the GD Berserker mastery, probably breaking all existing characters (DoM and Grimarillion included).

Note: The mod now uses a custom file for animations. If you notice any missing animation/character freezing, please report on this thread.

Patch 4.9 - Update 1

  • Correction to a (big) mistake related to the new set.
  • Now Blood Knight animations work properly with the Ch’thon cosmetic set.
  • More item support for Blood Knight skills.
  • And many other bug fixes.

Thanks to all bug reports.

Click on the image to download it.


Patch Notes 4.9 | Update 1


  • Fixed an issue where Enfeeblement wasn’t working at Whirling Strike’s softcap.
  • Fixed an issue where the bitmap for Chiropteran Chestguard had a size slightly smaller.
  • Fixed an issue where the Blood Knight animations weren’t working properly while using the Ch’thon’s Divine Chains loyalist cosmetic set.
  • Fixed an issue where Kanai’s Cube: Vendetta didn’t have the skill modifiers from Cruel Vendetta.
  • Fixed an issue where Iron Will, Lethal Projection, Darkflame River and Voidfire only worked with two-handed melee weapons or a shield.
  • Fixed an issue where the mythical version of Armor of the Crimson Realm set had no level requirements.
  • Fixed an issue where the normal version of Crimson’s Realm Halberk granted a non-intended item skill.
  • Fixed the item level of the Mythical Toothdrinker Crest.
  • Fixed an issue where the animation of Whirling Strike stops working while using Vilzagor’s Heart.
  • Fixed an issue where Mythical Death’s Reach loses support for Eye of Reckoning after being turned into a Crusader one-handed weapon.
  • Removed cooldown from Seismic Slam, clearly not intended.


  • Emissary of Chaos: It no longer has connections with Vicious Lift and Leaping Smash. The idea to make it a requirement was discarded.
  • Shadow’s Edge: Added “Requires a melee weapon” text to its description.


  • Attributes scaling of Monk, Barbarian and Blood Knight were adjusted to match vanilla standards.


  • Mephitic Cloud’s visual effect adjusted to match the skill radius scaling properly.
  • Added a new hit vfx to Whirling Strike.
  • Removed a circular vfx that was appearing while casting Wave of Blood with the male character.


  • Stampede (Armor of Akkhan set): Sound effect of the horses reduced.


  • Valguur’s Hunger: Now also supports Siphon of Blood.
  • The Harbinger: Now also supports Rive.
  • Trag’Oul’s Avatar: No longer grants Blood Rush.


  • Wrath of Tenebris: Added +2 to Blood Knight skills. Mythical version grants 100% Physical damage converted to Chaos and 66 Chaos damage to Rive.
  • Obsidian Juggernaut: Added +4 to Whirling Strike. Mythical version grants 100% Vitality damage converted to Chaos + 120 Chaos damage to Whirling Strike.
  • Death’s Reach: Added +4 to Blood Rush. Mythical version grants 100% Physical damage converted to Vitality + 160% Weapon Damage + 2.0 meters distance to Blood Rush.
  • Mythical Soulrend: Added +4 to Ravage. Grants 100% Chaos damage converted to Cold + 540 Frostburn damage over 3 seconds + 20% Weapon Damage to Ravage.
  • Vampiris: Added +1 to all skills in Blood Knight + 120 Vitality Damage | 6% Life Steal and 15% Crit damage to Wave of Blood.
  • Fang of Chthon: Added +2 to Shadow’s Edge. Mythical version grants 25% Weapon Damage to Shadow’s Edge.
  • Codex of Violent Rifts: Added +1 to all skills in Blood Knight. Mythical version grants 60 Vitality damage + 6% Total Speed to Siphon of Blood.
  • Voidrend Talons: Added +3 to Leaping Smash. Mythical version grants 40% Weapon Damage to Leaping Smash.
  • Doombringer: Added +2 to Ravage. Grants 12% Weapon Damage + 50 Chaos damage to Ravage.
  • Avatar of Chaos: Added +1 to all skills in Blood Knight.
  • Cruel Vendetta: Now it can be converted to a Crusader’s one-handed weapon.


  • Kanai’s Cube: Doombringer: Now grants +1 to all skills in Blood Knight.
Patch Notes 4.9


  • Fixed an issue where the low level versions of Basilisk Mark granted skillpoints to Frenzy instead of giving it to Fan of Knives.
  • Removed pet bonuses from Visage of Giyua, it was not intended.
  • Fixed an issue where the values for target’s defensive ability reduction from Kanai’s Cube: Tiklandian were the double of Tiklandian Spellblade values. Now it’s properly reduced by half.
  • Fixed an issue where Kanai’s Cube: Stormshield granted skill modifier for Condemn rather than Shield Bash as the Stormshield original item.
  • Removed some unnecessary text about Kanai’s Cube on the Pauldrons of the Skeleton King item description.
  • Fixed an issue where The Grandfather 2h sword had the Blade of the Warlord’s name and description.
  • Fixed an issue where the level 94 of the Scorpius Pummeler didn’t grant bonuses for Summon Gargantuan as its lower versions.
  • Fixed an issue where the Mythical Krysbin’s Sentence granted skill didn’t have higher stats for damage and slow.
  • Animation speed of some vanilla skills while dual wielding or using two-handed melee weapons updated following the latest patches standards.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t summon Sacred Crate as a cosmetic pet.


  • All physical resistance granted by Diablo 3 skills were reduced at higher ranks following the new vanilla standards (except for Berserker Rage, which is a temporary buff, so it deserves higher values).


  • Now all the square/circle borders are properly golden.


  • New two-handed melee oriented class with focus on chaos, vitality and bleeding damage.


  • Wrath of the Berserker: Dodge chance reduced from 30-50% to 30-40% at ultimate ranks.
  • Berserker Rage: Energy Cost removed.
  • Whirlwind: Weapon Damage slightly increased.


  • Commander of the Risen Dead: Health scaling increased.


  • Added a new loottable for all legendary belts, rings, medals and necklaces that support Diablo classes. It may reduce the drop rate of set items, but it was necessary.


  • In Geom, Blade of the Tribes and Defender of Westmarch are now craftable items. Their recipes require 25.000 iron bits, 25 Forgotten Souls and 1 Royal version of each gem.
  • Kanai’s Cube now also requires one Royal Sapphire along with the other 5 different royal gems.


  • of the Solael’s Malice (Armor): Added +2 to Leaping Smash.
  • of the Solael’s Malice (1h/2h Weapons): Added +2/+4 to Rive.
  • of the Hungering Rifts: Added +2 to Whirling Strike.
  • of the Abyss (1h/2h Weapons): Added +2/+4 to Vicious Lift.
  • of the Cabal (1h/2h Weapons): Added +2/+4 to Shadow’s Edge.
  • Demonic (Armor): Added +2 to Siphon of Blood.
  • Demonic (1h/2h Weapons): Added +2/+4 to Ravage.
  • of the Void Harbinger: This suffix returns with +2 to Wave of Blood.


  • Sash of the Bloodlord: Added +1 to all skills in Blood Knight.
  • Cord of Deception: Added +2 to Siphon of Blood.
  • Nosferattis: Added +3 to Hemoplague.
  • Krysbin’s Sentence: Granted skill no longer reduces physical resistance of enemies. Cold/Vitality resistance reduction increased from -8% to -10%.


  • Horns of the Hexed
  • Fernam’s Birthmantle
  • Chiropteran Chestguard
  • Rootvein Handguards
  • Nightflayer’s Chausses
  • Voidstrider’s Greaves
  • Swarmspeaker’s Amulet
  • Toothdrinker Crest
  • Reverent Hunter
  • Cruel Vendetta
  • Castellatia
  • Kanai’s Cube: Hexed
  • Kanai’s Cube: Rootvein
  • Kanai’s Cube: Swarmspeaker
  • Kanai’s Cube: Toothdrinker
  • Kanai’s Cube: Reverent
  • Kanai’s Cube: Vendetta
  • Kanai’s Cube: Castellatia
  • Echoing Shade (Legendary Gem)


  • Armor of the Crimson Realm: New 5-pieces set focused on Chaos and Vitality damage, exclusive for Blood Knight.
  • The Blood Knight: Now it’s called “The Crimson King” and has a different description.


  • Death’s Whisper Hood
  • Gargoyle Visage
  • Packla’s Skins
  • Packla’s Visage
  • Naren Kur’s Blade
  • Bloodlord’s Blade
  • Wendigo’s Claw
  • Blugrug’s Plagued Edge
  • Servitor’s Corruptor
  • Grundleplith’s Tail
  • Bloodsworn Scepter
  • Chillblood Carcass
  • Obsidian Defender
  • Abaddoth’s Sermons
  • Pulsing Shard
  • Korvan Reaping Halberd
  • Obsidian War Cleaver
  • Rag’Nadar’s Maw
  • Bonebleach Halberd
  • Bloodbriar’s Thorn
  • Bolvar’s Pendant
  • Gaze of Ungoliax
  • Vilgazor’s Heart
  • Rylok’s Mark
  • Rylok’s Crest
  • Lagoth’Ak Bloodbinding
  • Lagoth’Ak Voidbinding
  • Basilisk Mark


  • Vilgazor’s Heart: Added 15% weapon damage + 35% crit damage to Elemental Strike.
  • Chosen Visage: Added +3 to Zombie Dogs and a modifier that turns Zombie Dogs acid damage into fire (including Rabid Dogs modifier).


  • All classes from Diablo 3 and its expansions + the Blood Knight from Diablo Immortal, all of them adapted with the standards of Grim Dawn masteries.
  • Almost all Diablo 3 set items included.
  • Over a thousand new items added.
  • Regular gems and some of Legendary gems added as components.
  • Several new modifiers to MI items supporting D3 classes.
  • Bosses from Diablo 3 can be found on Shattered Realm.
  • New blacksmith, Haedrig, located at Devil’s Crossing’s prison, near Constance from “The Seamstress” quest.
  • Forgotten Souls imported as a crafting item, used by Haedrig to grant you a random Epic or Legendary D3 item.
  • Exclusive Crusader’s ability to wield two-handed weapons with a shield. The 2h→1h weapon conversion can be done at Haedrig as well.


  • Extract the “Diablo_III” folder to Grim Dawn\mods.
    If the ‘mods’ folder doesn’t exist in your game directory, just create one by yourself.


  • This mod requires both Ashes of Malmouth and Forgotten Gods expansions.

You can check all content from this mod on Grim Tools:

You can also download it from:


Credits and Sources

• Artwork used on Soul Harvest’s visual effect made by Protecnika.

• The FX Effect from Akarat’s Champion and Smite was made by cftx for his Cenobite mastery.

• Loading screen artwork created by [i]Goshun[/i].

• Necromancer’s class selection image made by [i]Jeon Tae Kang[/i].

• Crusader’s class image made by [i]Gathen9[/i]

• Witch Doctor’s class selection image made by [i]congbu[/i].

• Witch Doctor’s class image made by adlovett.

• Wizard’s class selection image made by [i]MarkoTheSketchGuy[/i].

• Wizard’s class image original art from the e-book “Diablo III: Heroes Rise, Darkness Falls” created by Blizzard.

• Demon Hunter’s class image made by [i]KristinaToxicpanda[/i].

• Demon Hunter’s class selection image made by snatti89.

• Monk’s class image original art created by Blizzard.

• Monk’s class selection image made by 0BO.

• UI images used on this mod were found at the following pages: atanichi and diabloii.net.

• All the items, skills icons/decals and some 3D models clearly come from Diablo 3.

Enjoy it and give your feedback!


Awesome man. I need to get the source files of GD back (modded over them), but once thats done, ill give it a go.

Dude Awesome. Your Demon hunter mod was great, I’m sure this will be good too. :slight_smile:

really cool, i enjoy it :wink:

does this mean there will be 9 dogs?

  • When you reactivate the “Zombie Dogs” skill, only one Zombie Dog will respawn. You need to disband all the Zombie Dogs who are still alive to spawn three new ones. If someone knows how to make it respawn all 3 pets at once, let me know.

If I’m understanding this query, you just need to set the summon skill to have the number of spawns you want in the burstspawn field. For example, if you want level 1 to spawn 1, level 6 to spawn 2 and level 10 to spawn 3, you would have your ‘burst’ array looking like this:

That wouuld make levels 1-5 spawn 1 dog, 6 - 9 spawn 2 dogs, and 10+ SHOULD spawn 3.

Each Zombie Dog summon 1 Damned Dog (3 in total). Sorry for not making it clear at description.

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At all levels, the burst number is 3. It always spawns 3 dogs at once when you use the skill for the first time. The problem is when you reactivate, it ‘kills’ one dog and spawns another one, instead of killing all of them and spawning 3 new ones at once. :confused:

What is the limit? Is it also set to 3?

FileDescription,Spawns pets at the caster. Pets can have a life timer,

The best things about the best class in d3(imo) put together wonderfully in a better…waaaaaayyyyyy better game…made my day, thankyou n beautiful job. /e brofist :cool:

Аre there new items in the mod to support new masteries?

Looks great. I honestly never thought the modding community for GD would reach these levels so quickly. I certainly hope Crate’s development team are watching these threads with great appreciation for what the community is capable of.

unfortunately, I haven’t learn how to create new items yet :undecided:

Easiest way I have found is to copy an existing item and make modifications.

I like this mastery so far, it’s a pretty good job.

Except for one thing that could be tweaked a bit: The Queen spiders.
I like everything about it but the fact that it’s slow to get into the fight because of two small delays that add up:
-The “throw jar” animation takes a bit of time but it’s cool as it is.

  • And the spiderlings summon animation.
    Only then they start engaging mobs, and ideally both could use overall faster animations or at least the latter.

Don’t know if it’s something doable, but it would suit the fast pace of the game better.

Well, it’s about a spamming skill, these delays are kind of necessary, but you’re right about the spiderlings. I’ll increase their spawn animation speed on next update :wink:

So… stupid question, but…

Do all the summons, inlcuding the temporary ones, scale of pet bonuses? None of them say.

Also, wheeeeree isss myyy gargantuan?!?

It seems to me Zombie Dogs to be overpowered for start of game.

Hi, great Mastery, I’ve player 840 hours of GD and it’s my first pet build ^^

I think it could be useful to state everywhere it is the case “scale with pet bonuses”