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Default setup is level 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4. On this forum 0 and 3 are disabled. New members start at 1 and progress to 2 after 15 days of activity. 3 would be level for very active members if it was active, and you could be demoted back to 2 if you weren’t active enough. 4 is moderators and such.

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I am not sure I trust the trust system.It’s kinda continuation of wicked social network with likes and popularity.But still wonder who is gonna be the prom king :slightly_smiling_face:

According to the article it is only Trust Level 3 which can lose status in that fashion:

Furthermore, unlike other trust levels, you can lose trust level 3 status .

But the rules are whatever Z wants to make of 'em and he’s been pruning it to his liking since shortly after discovering how everything in Discourse works.

Level 3 is pretty much a vanity rank for very active people anyway, it’s no big loss.

He nixed 3 pretty quickly. That’s basically mod level powers going on there.

0 is still the rank for new users, as an anti-spam measure.

1 is the default for the average user.

2 actually has considerably lower requirements than the default Discourse settings. It’s a matter of time for forum regulars to reach that rank. Rank 2 users can create Tags.

3 is currently impossible to reach. We may assign it to certain users based on need/merit, but probably wont need to. I’ve disabled the default Discourse settings for this rank that enable some baseline Moderation powers, so it doesn’t serve much of a point.

4 is effectively moderators.


By the way how new badges and trust ranks interacts with old system?I see that I have rank Herald,so that is still working?

Also is there opportunity to see users ranked by number of posts or rank?

Ah nice. Just noticed that. Avyctes has his Champion rank too. Mebbe Z slapped the old ranks back in there for post counts.

It’s just based on number of posts. You can see the ranks here

Ok so that system was retained then.

Thanks for responses!

Very interesting,that the old system based on posts number is working.I think my number is actually lower,probably some of the old topics are deleted,that makes sense.

Eis link to forum members sort by posts is not working,probably is unavailable in current forum.

The ranks are a legacy from the old forum.

By default, they do not exist. We would have to add new badges and triggers for earning them, which requires exposing the SQL. So unless we change something down the line, they will likely remain a legacy from the olden times, special titles you can no longer acquire!

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Thanks, think I understand.

So I carry the rank of Herald from old forum,but even if I write more posts,up to 1.5k I will not have my status changed to Champion.Also any new users will not have ranked or not different than initiate.

Discourse system is based on badges&trust level,got it :champagne:

Yeah that was the old forums ‘sorted’ member list. The new forum can be sorted similarly tho, like so:

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Thanks,Powbam! This way one can see activity of top players and click on their names to find topic they’re interested.

Np. Don’t forget the Users list is accessible from the menu up top:


- the Tags list is also hiding there too.

Is it my browser or is find in page totally useless?

Just like a regular page-by-page forum it doesn’t all load at once. Find-in-page doesn’t see an entire thread… only what has loaded of it while you’ve ‘read’ it.

You want to search an entire thread this is what you use:


“Maybe because it’s all white and grey which makes it look dull and out of touch?” I’m not surprised. Have you seen the view count? The new threads on the new forums are roughly 5 times as low per thread in relation to view count when compared to the older forum’s threads. Do the basic math!? And look around the thread to see it for yourself. I remember when threads would get 2k views in 1 day when a topic was hot. Now they reach 500 at max. Why is that? Because The devs went from a simple platform to a difficult and glitchy platform and nobody wants to use it. “Not to mention many accounts got deleted it seems like since I can’t find most users from the older forum anymore.” It’s all discombobulated you might think. Hmmm… gee, I wonder why? Most people don’t want forums to be almost “unusable” by the majority of people who use them of course. “I can’t even add proper text to my threads now without the algorithms turning them into grey highlighted titled boxes when I just wanted to add some fucking color like in the older forum,” you might say. “Well… no shit. I have the same problem as you,” I would say. I don’t get what an MMORPG style background has to do with an ARPG game though. “And it sure doesn’t look that sunny in Grim Dawn if I recall correctly.” People seem to struggle with the new forums since they can’t seem to add proper sentences within the lines… probably because of the algorithmic bullshit and the incoherent options right above the person typing in this box to make threads. Now we need assistant moderators to edit posts in order to fix the “shit.” What to do what to do you might say. “Say, let’s revert back to the older forum where things were going great… SO WHAT DO YOU SAY?” ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Literally on par with the old forum…do I need to gather screencaps of the old forum before it was shut down?

User registrations are on par. Activity is on par. This forum has far more powerful metrics as well, so that’s even easier to tell for us as well.

Wait, I thought it was banned…which is it? Also, it’s still there, just with _ instead of spaces. But logging in via email was too complicated I guess.

Not an option…