[] Inquisitus Deletus Criminalus - Max WPS Desolator, Ranged Fire Strike Purifier (+Bonus Flame Keeper Build)

5th May 2020 Update 1: Updated for new patch. Omitting Abominable Might, streamlining the skills, getting 22/12 brimstone, some spirit dump.

The Build

With all permanent buff + Word of Renewal, Deadly Aim, Fire n Brimstone, and sitting on Inquisitor Seal.
DPS shown is Fire Strike.

Build Feature


  • 11 sec dummy :wink:
  • Ranged gameplay


  • Dunno… :crazy_face:
Build Overview

Desolator got buffed in making it full fire and a penetrating gun. Its offensive capability need not to be questioned again. This build bringing the ranged fire strike to the max with all the shotgun and barrage wps, synergize well with fire strike mechanics. Dagallon helm is used to convert the chaos to usable damage, and 3 piece justicar is used for tankiness. Update: Itemization is adjusted to have 22/12 brimstone. It seems Dagallon helm + Tainted Ruby of Gar’dal + non Mythical Blood Sigil of Ch’thon are BiS for most fire Fire strike build.

Equipment Choices

Craft all equipment at Egellon slow res. Aim for at least additional 10% for each piece.

Core Items:

  • Justicar Guard Set Except Helm. [Super tankiness, huge flat fire]
  • Helm: Dagallon’s faceguard. [Build defining item, converting chaos in fire strike to fire & lightning]
  • Main & Off Hand: The Desolator. [build defining item, penetrating fire gun with huge flat, good stats, and relevant skill mod]
  • Rings: 2x Mythical Jaxxon’s Lucky Bullet. [Ranged fire strike need this to take it to next level]
  • Amulet: Mythical Tainted Ruby of Gar’Dal. [Relavant skill bonus and huge bonus to brimstone]
  • Medal: Non Mythical Blood Sigil of Ch’Thon. [Relevant skill bonus, good proc]

Supporting Items:

  • Pants: Mythical Chausses of Barbaros. [Still the best overall pants for auto-attacker, attack speed is vital]
  • Boots: Mythical Wyrmscale Footguards. [Good stats, good res, relevant +skills.]
  • Belt: Mythical Scales of Beronath. [Good res, bonus armor,reduce physique requirement for armor, plus to inquisitor, +Crit damage, and good stats overall]
  • Relic: Annihilation. [Vital bonus to AS, +1 Demo, and nice proc. Get +1 brimstone for completion bonus]
  • Movement Rune: Use whatever you like. I use rune of Violent Delights at the moment.

Two-Handed Ranged Devo

Fissure > to Thermite Mine
Meteor Shower > to Inquisitor Seal
Eldritch Fire > to Fire Strike
Raise the Dead > to Storm Spread
Ghoulish Hunger> to Whatever permanent buff


LMB: Fire Strike
RMB: Point to Move
Scroll Up/Down: Flashbang
Keyboard 1: Movement Rune
Keyboard 2: Inquisitor Seal
Keyboard 3: Thermite Mine
Keyboard 4: Word of Renewal

Standard procedure:
Cast Word of renewal, ensure it to be always active or save it for heal
Movement rune in.
Cast Thermite mine to the enemy location
Cast inquisitor seal below you.
Then purifiy your enemy by holding your left mouse button

Cast Flashbang If facing nemeses or dangerous bosses, or if surrounded by multiple enemies.

Take caution of your positioning, you need all of your enemies to be in front of you. This is also vital in bosses/nemesis wave.

Build Performance


New video with 3 buff, 3 L1 storm beacon, and 1 L2 storm beacon:

5:10 clear time
Current fastest, slowest is 5:40. Depend a lot in your positioning.

Old 170 Crucible, video with 4 buff without banner:
6:00 clear time.

Shattered Realm:
Haven’t check. Should be good though.

Enjoy… :wink:



This is the build I tried to make work consistently in new cruci. Continuation from my previous flame keeper build.

Max damage setup (craft all for slow res): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVbnxpOV
Cruci clear without banner (6:10):

Safer Setup with flame torrent and more ADCTH: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YNn6aB9N
Cruci clear without banner is about 7 minutes

New cruci is hard and no place for our little epic set here. The offensive potential is enormous but defense is very little. Full concentration is needed and still hard to make it consistent. It should be a good intro for desolator setup though.

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Ah i was about to update my Terminator purifier build with a similar one.

Had just convinced Z to buff DEsolator and there it goes :smiley:

Nice job! I like the full wps thing. Imo bursting round needs a buff. I might do my own version these days if you don’t mind. But at this point i’ll wait for patch notes in testing i think :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks Fluff! Sure, go ahead. More variety is always better. Also, I don’t really play SR and you may be able to cover that department also.

Desolator is already good, I actually think it was a mistake making it penetrating. But what’s done is done! At least I can still show you guys the power.

PS: I am still waiting for penetrating cold gun so I can make a proper penetrating cold ABB!

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I didn’t ask him to make the gun penetrating just to be clear :upside_down_face:

I asked for a buff in general by comparing it to other heavily modded guns. so new mods, replace the lame FB one.

Better + skills, Better Bursting round mod.

That’s bout it to sum it up. But Z just made the rifle go through walls and called it a day :smiley:

Idk what he’ll do now. He can leave it as is, but decrease the base Flat dmg on the rifle, or change it to stuff like the above

New mod to replace flashbang will be interesting! I don’t know what will it be though. Hope it will be something for oathkeeper.

Though if he leave it as it is, it will be fine too I guess.

Hey, that’s great gunner @thejabrixone!

But I don’t quite like the attack speed. Why not more points in Vindictive flame in expense for smth else? Flames scale well to 11/16. Also I know hat this medal cover your resisitances, but did you think you can fit medal with more speed?

Thanks Nery!

I would like to put more points to vindictive flame for sure, but most of the points distribution here is essential. I even take BWC for additional damage and open up more Devo road choices. Maybe can take some from arcane empowerment, but in my experience, that flat and crit damage is needed more in this build.

On medal, most of the relevant medal with attack speed will also give WPS, which will mess up the arrangement of my WPS pool here. As you can see, also quite evident from the video, all WPS here deals very good damage and synergize well with FS. While the WPS granted by medals are not.

Does the medals WPS even work with 2h? I think Korvaak Brand doesn’t and still give you OA. But it depend if you can cap resistances. I know that auto attack Purifiers are tight on skill points.

Oh wait, korvaak brand cannot work with 2H. Need to try to fit in GT if the res can still take it. Medal is the one thing that still debatable for sure.

Due to bloodied crystal nerf, now it is harder to cap bleeding res again. Especially in a non res mastery like demo. Will check it tomorrow.

Great build, Jabrix, still wondering how close would non-mythical Chton’s medal perform.

6 minutes with no banner? :zantai::zantai::zantai:

EDIT: damn, build got disgusting clearing power with that new pass through on Desolator, holy shit.

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Damn that looks fun to play.

Awesome build!

Btw, does anyone have an idea what those flashbang mods on the gun are supposed to do, exactly?
The energy cost reduction seems pretty marginal to me on paper, and BWC outranks the OA shred starting at 9/12 already; or am I missing something here :see_no_evil:

Edit: Or is this simply one of those ‘take it or we’ll just take it away alltogether’ kind of situations Zantai sometimes leaves us in :stuck_out_tongue:

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I guess if you want to save some skill points on BWC, you can go for Flashbang RR Conduit and have one less button to press. Which is always an improvement on an autoattacker. I have tried that Conduit and I vouch for it - it’s awesome. 12/12 Flashbang cast applies RR debuff to basically everyone instanteneously.

Oh. Just remembered your twist on the flashbang RR. Though in this build, the points from BWC will be just for replacing the missing points in Inquisitor if using conduit.

If we want to take it even further, maybe kaisan amulet is the answer.

Jabby with the 2H FS builds. Classic. <3

Yeah, probably redundant for your build (although very curious how it may perform).

I might wrong here, but is it me or does BWC throwing animation is slower than Flashbang’s throwing animation?

Spanks, welcome back!!! Oh, I am surprised, you just come up all of the sudden

@mad_lee: BWC projectile is indeed slower. But damage from BWC is very good in clearing trashes. It is definitely noticeable.

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yeah, good point, 12/12 BWC with now additional flat from Agonizing Flames on a build with a lot of %Burn damage is actually a serious support damage spell.

Am I blind, or does BWC cover an area larger than the listed radius when transmuted?

It’s the new animation probably, not sure it actually covers the area it’s supposed to cover.