[ -] Physical Penetration - Dual Deathdealer Physical Warlord | SR85 | Crucible ~4:30 is here, pure physical got more flat and lower enemy armor with the change to converted physical, and some skill tree flat sources were buffed as well. Gonna murder some shit like the fat lazy gun toting American I’m told I am @Retal_Abuser

In-game stats

GT: Warlord, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Decent amount of changes in to squeeze way more sheet damage out. Relic goes to deathstalker, we convert a bit of flat and pet damage, plus always welcome passive RR aura. Mogara’s Fangs replace Doombringer, as a good crushing roll plus base brings a ton of flat, and the +1 soldier lets us go deathstalker at relic. Now want OA on the belt, so aggressive roll is ideal, but a phys/resists of attack is also a solid play.

Components mostly the same, changing for attack speed in gloves and a runestone for racial and resists in helm. We kill fabius before barrier unless he spawns with jank so no need for titan plating.

Devos we go back to original like tree with Oleron focus. Has more flat and acts as better AoE clear. Otherwise maul on vire continues to be a super star and is great additional sustain.

Softcap rebuke now as flat damage scales better

Have to use energy pots in SR. Swap a ring component if you can’t be bothered!

SR75-76 ~7:00

SR85 ~4:50

Crucible @banana_peel provided run 4:22

Ravager should be possible with kiting but is not a facetank as currently built. Maybe swapping to ghoul or other shenanigans would do it but I’ll leave that for the turbonerd audience. Tact, Pally, Vit Oppressor gunners already do the job


Like pretending you have a passthrough gun? Don’t think pure physical damage has to suck? Don’t think ranged cadence has to suck? Are okay with not top tier crucible times until a better AoE heavy devo setup is confirmed? Enjoy pushing minimal buttons? Too many questions? Let’s go!

Change Log

  • Changed helm component to Titan Plating, armor absorb was overcapped already anyway


  • Ascension dropped, points to Deadly Momentum and Fighting Form/Squad Tactics
  • Relic changed to Juggernaut, breakdown in Relic section
  • Devo tree updated to @romanN1 layout. Remove Oleron, Add Bull and Light of Empyrion

New and Improved!
GT: Warlord, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Already Old!
GT: Warlord, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
GT: Warlord, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Cadence has passthrough. Smite has passthrough. Exterminate now has fulltime passthrough in So we pretend to be dagallon, while smite and exterminate (and I suppose markovian’s advantage) cover up the normal pea shooter vanilla shots. Still trying out ranged buffs but this is the best ranged cadence has every felt to me. First versions of this setup went heavy on vitality conversion using sacrifice, dread armor, etc. Sheet damage was lower, resists were worse, and hp was about 4k lower, all leading to a much more fragile existence despite extra ADCtH+Scales. Going all in on pure physical damage, hard capping deadly momentum, and grabbing Oleron to help with AoE on the bros brought more damage and better resists and hp. Two greens with ideal rolls obviously, but there is flexibility as you’re mainly fishing for defensive needs. Devo map may still see some adjustments as I figure out how much bear is helping damage+survival, and I try to get more PBAoE to speed up crucible.


Guns: Deathdealer’s Sidearm. Massive physical smite, mini smite proc, bonuses for soldier, and craftable! All physique rolls here so we can dump more into cunning

Helm, Chest, Shoulders: Warborn 3 piece. We’re embracing straight physical damage here, and helps us cap cadence line and war cry. Lightning conversion sadly does very little so those rolls can be ignored.

Pants: Kuba Chausses hard cap deadly momentum. Soulwarding is ideal as aether and chaos resists are tight and it solves one of those with damage % as well.

Relic: Doom. Not an amazing fit here, but the stats are all helpful and the +1 hardcaps important skills. I don’t even bother with the active skill. Oleron’s Wrath is also fine, and Juggernaut is probably a cheap and sneaky option that I want to try for even more survivability that won’t cost too much damage (and +6%OA!). I didn’t try Deathstalker because I couldn’t hard cap DM then without cheesing a green ring, and we have a decent amount of physical RR already.

Edit: Relic Breakout!
We need +1 soldier to hardcap Deadly Momentum, so I’m ignoring other options for now. Assuming capped attack speed (feasible with good roles without AS on Doom) and all average rolls.

Compared to Juggernaut
Doom: You get 4 more flat and 86% physical (and 124% IT) with Doom. This is about a 3-5% physical and IT % bump
Oleron: You get 1.5 more flat and 64% physical with Oleron’s Wrath. Sub 3% physical %bump, you do get a proc but the bleed isn’t well supported here

You get about a ~2% total damage bump (per tqFan) due to the 5% OA roll on Juggernaut vs Doom. About 1% over Oleron. With high OA rolls this gap will increase due to PTH scaling.

I am hard pressed to not recommend Juggernaut if you have capped attack speed moving forward. You get a ~1500hp heal every 3 seconds or so and a touch of regen inbetween, while not losing any meaningful damage and potentially increased damage in high roll OA/low mob DA situations

End Relic Breakout

Belt: Ugdenbog Girdle. Very easy to farm, and again we use for defensive stats over the purple soldier belts. Acid conversion is virtually ignored so no need to fish for high roll. Imposing is a pretty nice affix

Medal: Korvaak’s Brand. We need dual wield support, hard caps Smite, and we even convert some of the flat lightning.

Boots: Windshear Greaves. Nice stats, we actually need the DA, and the proc is decent. Craft for physique

Gloves: Turin’s Grips. Stats we want and + skills are more useful for us than Chains.

Rings: Black Matriarch is a default physical ring choice, and we do convert some of the proc. Other ring slot has some options. I went Storm Seal to get AS and DA. Goliath Signet is craftable and also has decent stats+proc.

Necklace: Doombringer. Triple down on Smite bonuses. Banner is plenty usable in SR, Crucible a bit tough. @Crittrain loves Lapis Lupus, which is also an option. Latter also removes a button push if you want maximum laziness.

Gameplay: Create a line of mobs and shoot at the furthest one. Cadence and multiple WPS have passthrough, so most things will crumble. Cast warcry on cooldown, toss down the Herald of Doom banner for bigger packs or nemesis. Vire with dire bear helps with both armor strip and leech. Vire and movement rune also keep you moving from pack to pack. Ascension is 1 pointed cause no great place to put those last points. Dropping or ignoring is not a problem if you want to dump them elsewhere. We don’t have any + oathkeeper so I don’t think it’s worth the points trying to soft cap.

SR75-76 - ~10:00 run, single death due to bad judgment in one of those awful cramped + environmental maps. Good reminder that you’re sturdy but not invulnerable. Also a close call against Fabius, which is the most annoying matchup. Not from his attacks of course, but reflect death when he pops blade barrier. Save potion, run away, etc. This build feels very safe/smooth in SR and is @Monceaux approved Physical Deathdealer Warlord SR75-76 - YouTube

Crucible: @romanN1 came in with a 5:26 run. @Crittrain was testing around 5:50 on his first runs, so I split the difference. Needs more AoE which will require some devo map testing.

New devo map and 5:09 run by @romanN1!

1190 Eard's Deathdealer warlord (different devo spec) - YouTube

One death SR85 run because IM is a meanie Physical Deathdealer Warlord SR85 - YouTube


You are making some of the coolest builds dude. I wouldn’t mind testing this one out.


Missed opportunity to call build “Double Penetration” :frowning:


Who am I, @MergosWetNurse?!?

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Well this is embarrassing, devo map changes already confirmed thanks to @romanN1 and a 5:09 run!

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23kR192 see main post for current build
Tested SR quick as well. Sheet damage is down slightly but Bull + LoE appear to outpace Oleron in practice on this setup. HP up, actually feels even safer now. Bull also allows us extra cunning dump. Min physique and spirit for gear, rest into cunning.

Edit - second run at SR85. Juggernaut is handy, slotted it to test against Doom (drop 2 Ascension points, recap deadly momentum and 1 to fighting form). 4 deaths (IM hiding in shards again, Fabius) through almost worse case scenario mutators. 2x Zan, Shattered Ana, and Fabius boss room


Great performance for this build, congrats!

Also it’s nice to see ranged Warlord, usually DW pistol builds revolved around same old classes.

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I only really notice it against Fabius, but yeah, unfortunately we only have modest physical resistance. Original build had more reduced damage reflection in the devo tree and it didn’t seem to make a difference. I’ll be playing around this weekend to see if I can get it SR90 stable, will take a look at the reflected IT as well

Did a 90 and my shadowplay was off. Sad times.:frowning:

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Nice, I tried a couple but just lose interest if I have to really massage kiting with IM or Fabius

i feel that lol

Dropped in titan plating in helm finally to help address reflected IT. Deathless SR85 test run

Also callout to @idontwannaknow0 [][HC] DW Ranged Warlord (Deathdealer Sidearm) - SR 65 who I realized beat me to this!


Away on vacation so OP won’t be updated until later next week, but sneak peak of performance with the physical changes and a rebuild of gear. Run courtesy @banana_peel


Great fun-looking build. What’s it like against celestials etc?

It could do ravager previously with some kiting, I’ll try again next weekend. Cally probably a disaster, and all the passthrough on crate will make it a bit more difficult


Updated for!

SR85 run


And another bump for and SR75-76 quick runs


Does swapping pants to these work better for a hardcapped smite?

They would be good filler, yeah. Last few points of deadly momentum is a ton of flat to lose if you do have a decent pair of kubas though

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Ah ok. Thanks for response!

Does this build still function in