[] Rahn's Rocket: 5:20m Crucible Gladiator 150-170, SR 65-66 lightning caster Sorcerer [vid][cr+][sr]


*Destination: planet Nerfs


This is a build that probably has been done before in some form or another so I will try to make it short. A lot of testing work and ideas should be credited to @Shoot2033 (the most important part of which is devotion map).

The Build

<<<<< GRIMTOOLS >>>>>*

*It’s important to craft two items for Pierce resist at Angrim and two items for Stun resist at Malmouth smith

Electrifying questions

Shouldn’t double Ravager’s Eye and bigger Spirit investment yield more damage in the end?
Yes, we are losing about 70% total damage (so about 2% of total paper damage) with this setup but I did it to use Restless Remains instead of Spellscorched Plating in gloves (Pierce res is a huge problem). Casting speed and additional adtch are crucial to this build’s consistency.
Wouldn’t full Barrelsmith’s set be better?
This looks too glassy, is it really consistent?
Yes, it does its job (Crucible 150-170 and Shards 65-66) consistently well, but it’s definitely not the tankiest caster so some piloting skill is required. You can always decide to invest less into Spirit.
What about devotion map with Korvaak? Or Dying God? Or better yet, with Blind Sage?
This one is the best damage-wise and defense-wise, a lot of tests have been conducted by @Shoot2033.


Core of the build is 4-piece Ulzuin’s set + one Barrelsmith pistol. Cyclone pieces add a lot of damage by injecting some steroids into Thermite Mines and Cindertouch gloves give us much needed conversion. Iskandra’s relic might be a tiny bit more damage but Eternity makes the build more well-rounded.

Skill distribution is pretty optimal, 14/12 Blast Shield is actually needed for safer gameplay. There is no place for a Flashbang, unfortunately. I chose to have an extra button just for Aeon activation, but you can bind it to movement rune. Rahn’s rune actually adds quite a bit of damage to the build. Devotion map is pretty optimal, Aeon gives us an extra layer of defense and also lets us cast an extra Cannister Bomb every ~10 seconds.

This is an endgame build. For leveling check relevant guides on this forum



Cannister Bomb damage breakdown

Defense (before Grey Magi’s proc)


Shards 65-66 fast 8:22 run

My Crucible Gladiator 150-170 5:15 run

Shoot2033’s 4:12 run (super lucky run on a glassified version)

In Conclusion

I think Cannister Bomb as a skill has to be adjusted. Right now it’s extremely overpowered and Lightning transmutor is only making things worse.


@medea_fleecestealer I was so tired when I posted it, could you please move it into classes and builds :slight_smile:

I think you got the section right.
This thing is so ugly it shouldn’t do 4:12 runs :scorv:

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I don’t have much time to test it properly and record videos but did 3x runs, dying once and finishing twice. My better time was just over 5:30. Very interesting play style with multiple damage sources stacking and without spamming skill. Devotions are superbly balanced, skill distribution is little bit greedy with Mirror being one pointed. But I like this concept a lot.

Time of @Shoot2033 is pure magic, congrats! Interesting as you know I am playing fire Ulzuin Sorc and am about to posted later today. Little bit of my magic when it comes to piloting. :stuck_out_tongue:

Buy this your glory rocket, cheers!


Grats, Lee ) Just my feedback about lightning demo casters in general :

  1. Just compare to my fire version of ulzuin (in average , that works ~20seconds worse, than lightning, even with broken belt) . I don’t know that base skill(canister ) should be nerfed , but adding -(10%-15%) TDM on transmute is necessary(just this 3 skillpoints increase twice overall damage and you don’t need nasty items to fully convert this (like ulzuin’s rifle) . Maybe should rework ulzuin to work more as full set(because rifle is useless nowadays)
  2. Aether corruption. Pretty the same problem , as solael’ witchblade before(no limit to spreading, sighnificant more damage even than eldritch fire(due to converts) ----> that makes that few casts clears trash very fast) Suggestion ( OR reduce max spread (as eldritch fire) OR reduce damage on it OR remove RR on it )
  3. Mines . Just one word Cyclone(maybe better to transfer cyclone’s mines limit to full set with overall dmg reduction mods on it)

Anyway , thanks !


Great build! Why does ulzuin need any buff again? :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree with that. I wish Crate would just revert all lightning nerfs and just remove lightning RR from this component. Would’ve solved a lot of issues, imo.

I would say - cut damage on mines but don’t transfer all mods to the set bonus.

You should’ve seen how painful it was to balance it because set and Barrelsmith have 0 mana regen and 0 casting speed :pensive:

Meanwhile, added SR 65-66 video

Build is a really fast 65-66 farmer, consistent too.

Yeah, this change Shoot proposed would kill a lot of builds, every second demo caster in fact. But if you think about it, you got two set-completion-tier mods on two items that 1) would still be decent even without them, 2) rarely block other sets, and 3) also happen to give extra 120%dmg from 2pc Cyclone.

But I’d also rather see addressing oupiedness by toning down numbers and not by taking features away from builds.

Hard to disagree. But I’d keep the rr. Aether Corruption actually deals quite a lot of dmg, considering it’s mostly passive dmg (click once and it keeps dealing dmg no matter what you do). I’d look that way, instead. That dmg is really not needed.

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I agree with this too. That RR is needed on some builds like aether with only one RR mastery.


Whenever you guys see a mad_lee feedback thread about items/sets, it’s (almost) never about it being bad. It’s because the guy finds it hard for himself to make a build with it according to his ideal picture. If you see an anomaly in any of lee’s builds, and by anomaly I mean:

Then it’s almost guaranteed to have a feedback thread

Except warborn. Warborn just straight up sucks


I know that you are my number one fan, but you can’t possibly agree that 5-piece caster set and two-piece caster pistol set having 0 energy regeneration and 0 casting speed is good?

Also, don’t be a hater, a lot of my feedback made it into pretty solid buffs.

Warborn sucks big time but for Cadence, EoR is still fine.

Ulzuin is great set, fast and without energy problems as Sorc and tankier as Purifier. Purifiers are so energy hungry though. Ulzuin should have caster stats, energy regen to be precise. Especially full set is so ugly and I have played it.

Now question is ofc if Ulzuin is priority for buffs since it’s already versatile set and doing great times. But that’s for another discussion. :weary:

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Well, the only set I can think of that doesn’t have caster armor pieces and also has energy regen is dunefiend, and that’s due to popular demand, so your requests might just be heard. Not for barrelsmiths tho. It’s a hybrid set, and supports attack speed and wps (no matter how bad it turns out) as much as the caster side does. Can’t have everything.

How is there a priority for buffs? Do you think sets wait in line in a cold winter evening hoping for an audience with scary but just Zantai himself? Just add the energy regeneration to chest and weapon and casting speed to amulet and weapon and problem solved :sunglasses:

I will take any slither of energy regeneration or casting speed between those two sets, I am not greedy. I am a sucker for quality of life buffs.

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