[REL] Grimarillion v80

Thanks to Asylum101 and all the modders involved for their awesome work!

Um, would the Grim Dawn Reborn Mod be merged with this union in the near future or at least are there any plans or consideration for it?

I doubt it. That mod is a drastic change in the way the base classes behave. That and it’s obviously focused on pet builds, so short of those who are focused on such a gameplay style are unlikely to find the changes very fun.

There are no plans to merge any other mods at this time.

oh, okay. Thank you

I’m unsure how the new forum layout works so I haven’t been able to properly search the thread for this, but the Shaman skills for 2h weapons (such as Brute Force, Might of the Bear modifier for Savagery, Primal Strike) don’t seem to work for Staffs. From the devotions, Staffs seem to count as Ranged and caster weapons and they DEFINITELY count as 2handed weapons. Just wondering if this is intended?

Staves only work for things that I have explicitly gone through the trouble of adding support for them. They “technically” aren’t 2h weapons, so they don’t have any support in GD or any other mods afaik. If I remember I’ll see if I get around to updating some vanilla skills but I’m hesitant to modify vanilla stuff because it becomes a headache whenever Crate changes those skills since I’ll have to update them again.

Ah cool, thanks for the quick response - at least I know i’m not just going crazy!

Excuse me, I do not speak English so it is possible that it is not understood, please, please, can someone help me about giving me a direct link to mod grimarillon? I have been looking for the thread for 2 hours to see if there is any new update, please where is it? thank you

Hi ArnyetLich, I moved your post into the current thread. See the OP for download link and stuff.

thank you so much. excuse me

Grimarillion Item Color Coding File

Screen Shot

This is an item color coding file for Grimarillion colored based on WareBare’s Item Filter mod.

6/11/2021: updated for Grimarillion v80a
grimarillion_v80a_color_02.zip (1.5 MB)

  • Corrected small mistakes.
  • Don’t forget to delete old file.

How to use:

  • Do not unzip this file, just put it in the Steam/steamapps/common/Grim Dawn/localization folder (if there is no localization folder, make it).
  • Start up GD, open Options from the main menu, and select “Colorful Grimarill” in “Language”.
    And start the game.

  • To return to the original, just choose “English (US)” in the language setting.

Note for translators:

This file contains Zeke’s conversation (npc_grimmest_01.text) and the Treasure Trove (shattered_locked_chest.txt) and Mazaan (npc_endlessdungeon_event_02a.txt - just “reward” is changed to “rewards”) that sets Grimmest.



It’s realy the best mod i ever played, thanks for updating it everytime

Btw, with this trash new forums, we can’t saw the patchnotes (thx the new forum :))) !!

The link are not the good but ofc we can see them bc you wrote it

You’re realy the best

Again and again, thanks!

How is this?

Grimarillion Change Log


Using GD stash it seems that it does not differentiate between different versions of uniques. Like (S) Maiven’s hood, for example. Is there a workaround or am I doing something wrong?

Did you set it for the mod in the configuration section and also in the transfer and crafting sections?

Yes, I have.

Did you import the database again?

Somehow that fixed that even though I didn’t do anything differently. Though now that many items have multiple versions most of my stash got wiped out.