[] Amatok - 2H melee cold Cadence Blademaster, SR 80+


The reason behind this build is to create 2H melee cold Cadence because I have not seen it anywhere. My first try was using Alkamos’ Warsword but it has shown to be weaker than my alternate theorycraft with Bane of the Winter King despite it not having any physical converted to cold damage. As a second class I have chosen Nightblade for cold damage support - cold RR + Lethal Assault. Build has both % damage absorption (Menhir’s Bulwark) and reduction (War Cry) from Soldier. Cadence generally has weaker AoE so I also use gloves that give Cadence more targets for better AoE. Blizzard proc from devotions also helps with AoE. Items are either chosen for flat cold damage bonuses or for bonuses to Cadence. The amulet converts physical damage to cold for Cadence but only for its third hit. This build can do SR 80.

I have other Cadence builds here. I have other cold melee builds here. All my builds are here.

Here is a list comparing all my Cadence builds from best to worst. All are at least SR 65-66 capable.
  1. Oleron – great build, 2H melee physical, good offensively and very powerful defensively

  2. Aether Crusher – great build, 2H melee aether, offensively a little weaker than Oleron, defensively noticably weaker than Oleron

  3. Ultos – great build, 2H melee lightning, offensively noticably weaker than Aether Crusher, defensively a little weaker than Oleron

  4. Chaotic Crusher – great build, 2H melee chaos, offensively similar to Aether Crusher, defensively noticably weaker than Aether Crusher

  5. Amatok – great build, 2H melee cold, offensively a little weaker than Chaotic Crusher, defensively a little weaker than Chaotic Crusher

  6. Ele Mental – good build, 2H melee elemental, offensively a little weaker than Ultos, defensively a little weaker than Aether Crusher

  7. Empyrion – good build, 2H melee fire, offensively a little weaker than Amatok, defensively a little weaker than Amatok

  8. Rattosh – good build, 2H melee vitality, offensively similar to Amatok, defensively a little weaker than Empyrion

GRIMTOOLS https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkQgglV

Build uses two monster infrequent items - Gargoyle Waistguard and Iron Maiden’s Shoulderguard. You want affixes for resistances and OA, DA.

Stats of the build


nice DPS 140k - 220k

28 % crit damage

OK base OA - around 2900 OA (around 3200 OA with Fighting Spirit)

55 DA reduction to enemies from Annihilation

OK cold RR from Veil of Shadow, Rumor, Ravager’s Deathgaze and Revenant (Executioner’s Edge) - up to - 100 % + Viper


good life - close to 14 000 health

OK base DA - around 2900 DA

up to 233 OA reduction to enemies from Rumor, Veil of Shadow and Annihilation

OKish lifesteal 16 % (could be better but it is still fine)

maxed resistances with reasonable overcap

decent physical resistance 27 %

good armor around 2500

good CC resistances

% damage reduction from War Cry

% damage absorption from Menhir’s Bulwark


Menhir’s Will

Prismatic Rage


image from the game with passive buffs + Pneumatic Burst


image from the game with passive buffs + Pneumatic Burst, Deadly Momentum, Lethal Assault and Fighting Spirit



I play SR with camera pointed away from enemies and I try my builds only in SR 65-66 and SR 80. I play around 10 SR runs per character.

This build can do SR 80. No boss is a problem but killing Kuba is slower and Zantarin can be sometimes hard to leech from. Green fumble pools also weaken you so avoid them.

I don’t play Crucible so I don’t have a time number for it.

Images from SR 80


Nice to see someone actually do cold Cadence.

Rumor and Whale of shadows have OA reduction, not DA.
Nice to see someone actually do cold Cadence

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Thanks, I overlooked it.

here we go again, very creative name! :smiley:

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What’s your opinion on Executioner’s Edge proc? It seems to bypass small targets due to blades swirling too far from our character, and this makes it almost useless against them. I feel like they should be closer, or at least duration of RR increased.

Edit: ah, you’re using revenant for that, I see. Sucks for me then.

I actually felt it was good for applying that RR it has. But it could start closer.

Hows bane of winter king compared to Soulrend these days?

Also nice use of ravager’s dreadgaze - always thought its abit underrated.

Well for cold Cadence Soulrend is unusable. Otherwise I would guess that for spamming skills you want Bane and for cooldown skills you want Soulrend.

Ravager’s helm is in no way underrated. Good to use it on builds with smaller item support.

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