[] Gyroscoper - physical spinner, Eye of Reckoning Sentinel, SR 80+


I have not yet made a physical spinner so that is what I bring to you this time. It is a physical EoR Sentinel. Build uses typical setup with Warborn set + Beronath sword. Other items are also typical for a physical melee build. One thing that is just very atypical is the amulet. I chose conduit for chaos EoR. It converts fire damage to chaos on EoR and gives flat chaos damage. These two bonuses practically cancel out each other for our physical build but it also gives us impaired aim on EoR. DPS loss from the amulet is negligable 5k - 10k DPS depending on procs. So no loss really. Build also has up to -126 % physical RR. It can do SR 80 relatively easily.

I have other spinner builds here. I have other physical melee builds here. All my builds are here.

Here is a list comparing all my spinners from best to worst. All are at least SR 65-66 capable.
  1. Yugol the Insatiable – great build, cold + acid VR, use of dual damage is good, offensively good and defensively strong, ease of gameplay is OK despite using both CoF for RR and Lethal Assault for buffs

  2. Aether Spinner Oppressor – great build, aether EoR, offensively a little behind Yugol the Insatiable, defensively a little behind Yugol the Insatiable, nice gameplay with passive RR

  3. Gyroscoper – great build, physical EoR, offensively a little better than Yugol the Insatiable, defensively a little weaker than Aether Oppressor, nice gameplay (RR is not passive but Curse of Frailty is still good to use)

  4. Twilight Spinner – great build, aether + chaos EoR, use of dual damage is good even with low RR, offensively noticably weaker than Aether Oppressor, defensively similar to Yugol the Insatiable, nice gameplay with passive RR

  5. Yugol of Twilight – great build, aether + chaos VR, use of dual damage is good even with low RR, offensively a little weaker than Twilight Spinner, defensively a little better than Twilight Spinner, nice gameplay with passive RR

  6. Aether Spinner Templar – good build, aether EoR, offensively a little similar to Yugol of Twilight, defensively a little weaker than Twilight Spinner (but a little better than Gyroscoper), nice gameplay

  7. Chilled Spinner Shielded – good build, cold EoR, offensively a little better than Twilight Spinner, defensively a little weaker than Gyroscoper, nice gameplay with passive RR

  8. Chilled Spinner – good build, cold EoR, similar offensively to Chilled Spinner Shielded, defensively a little weaker than Chilled Spinner Shielded, nice gameplay with passive RR

  9. Aether Spinner Shieldbreaker – good build, aether EoR, offensively similar to Chilled Spinner, defensively a little weaker than Chilled Spinner, using Thermite Mines for RR makes ease of gameplay weaker

  10. Spinning Inferno – good build, fire EoR, offensively similar to Aether Opressor, defensively a little weaker than Aether Shieldbreaker, nice gameplay (RR is not passive but Curse of Frailty is still good to use)

  11. Spinning Freezer – good build with nice gameplay from freezing enemies, fire EoR + OFF, offensively a little weaker than Chilled Spinner, defensively a little weaker than Spinning Inferno

  12. Chaotic Spinner – OK build, chaos EoR, offensively a little weaker than Spinning Freezer, defensively a little weaker than Spinning Freezer, nice gameplay with passive RR

  13. Yugol the Hungry – OK build, cold VR, offensively smilar to Twilight Spinner, defensively a little weaker than Chaotic Spinner, nice gameplay with passive RR + CoF (Curse of Frailty is still good to use)

  14. Skywalker – weaker build, lightning EoR, offensively a little weaker than Chaotic Spinner, defensively a little weaker than Yugol the Hungry, using Thermite Mines for RR makes ease of gameplay weaker

  15. Spinning Immortal Army – weaker build, acid VR + pets, offensively similar to Chaotic Spinner, defensively a little weaker than Skywalker, nice gameplay with passive RR

GRIMTOOLS https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZyLL0eV

Crafting bonuses on amulet, helm, boots and sword are to slow (2x) and freeze (2x) resistance.

Stats of the build


nice DPS 260k - 390k

OK base OA - around 2850 OA (nice OA with Ascension - above 3150 OA)

up to 291 DA reduction to enemies from Judgment and Annihilation

nice critical damage 60 %

nice physical resistance reduction from Curse of Frailty, Guardians, Assassin’s Mark, Deathstalker, Scales and ring - up to -126 %

damage from devotions - Azraaka and Scales


OK life above 12500 HP

OK DA - above 2850 DA (Resilience increases it more)

up to 235 OA reduction to enemies from Dark Desires (skill from Rune), Shifting Sands, and Annihilation

OKish lifesteal 11 %

OK CC resistances without Ascension with crafting bonuses to slow and freeze resistance (high CC resistances with Ascension)

high disruption resistance from Possession

reasonably overcapped resistances

nice physical resistance 38 %

high armor - around 2500 (Ulzaad’s Decree increases it more)

% reduced damage to enemies from Soulfire

flat damage absorption from Ascension

18 - 25 % chance of impaired aim from EoR or Shifting Sands

healing on standby from Blood of Dreeg

+3 to all max resistances (+7 with Resilience active)

lifesteal from Scales

Prismatic Rage from component

image from the game with passive buffs + Blood of Dreeg


image from the game with passive buffs + Blood of Dreeg and Warborn (practically always up)


image from the game with passive buffs + Blood of Dreeg, Warborn, Ascension, Battlecry, Windshear and Ulzaad’s Decree



I play SR with camera pointed away from enemies and I try my builds only in SR 65-66 and SR 80. I play around 10 SR runs per character.

This build does SR 65-66 very easily. It can even do SR 80 relatively easily. Bosses go down fast. Reaper is dangerous but doable. I don’t push my characters higher but it can go higher if you are a skilled player.

I don’t play Crucible so I don’t have a time number for it.

Images from SR 80


I’m guessing you might want to either drop Shifting Sands, or switch your Conduit for one with aether damage to Ascension.

Impaired Aim on Conduit is redundant with Shifting Sands (which has a higher value). You’re saying that the fire conversion results in a net damage loss even after Beronath—if you’re using two Seal of Might, which offer 50% aether -> phys, which means 45 aether damage to Ascension on Conduit should offer better performance.

Also, since you already have access to Oleron devotion, shifting one point into Blind Fury might result in a minor DPS gain for little cost. I’ve not used Beronath with Rune of Dark Desires, so I’m not sure how it stacks up to Blind Fury, but you could drop Shifting Sands and pick up Dark Progenitor rune for OA reduction (potentially also dropping Crushing Verdict in the process for more points in Clarity of Purpose and perhaps Rebuke.
I’m not sure whether having to sit out Upon Rylok Wings’ clunky animation would result in a net DPS gain though, so take my suggestion with a grain of salt. Dropping Azrakaa’s head to grab Blind Fury for your Guardian of Empyrion might be another option.

Grimtools of my suggestions; consider dropping the Shifting Sands node for the attack speed & DA one.

I don’t much like Aether Soul when Tainted Heart is an option and vitality resist is only at 20% overcap, but I see you’re also struggling for DA.

Impressive build btw, I wouldn’t have figured a Sentinel to have such good performance with raw physical damage, much less with Warborn.

Clarity of Purpose is useless. Flat damage does not scale well with EoR. Havind DA shred from Judgment is a lot better option considering high crit damage. Change for Fury result in loss of AS and DA. You compensate DA by speccing out of cunning. That results in loss of phys damage. Less damage from aetherials and DA are good on Aether Soul. Dark Progentor can’t be bound to left mouse.

I will try the aether conduit. Also alternative is using any other conduit that does not do anything to EoR. Incorporating Blade Fury somehow could be done I guess. I will think more about it.

I did not know that.

I don’t understand that at all. Rylok wings???

Thanks :slight_smile:

Uhh the conduit is a dps loss right? You can’t double convert in Grim Dawn so while you gain 88 physical via added chaos, you lose 125 physical which became chaos instead (fire dmg before conversion).

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Yes I write in the text that it is but only 5k - 10k DPS - a negligable loss for more impaired aim. If somebody doesn’t like that then conduit with no mod for EoR is an option.

Interesting choice, but I personally don’t think it’s worth it at all, especially with shifting sands having impaired aim aswell and the percentage being only 18%. It’s also just impaired aim and not fumble. Fumble would be way better imo.

Anyway cool to see you also went with sentinel for physical spin2win, which is my favorite aswell (at least when it comes to theorycrafted warborn spin2wins, I’ve never played one yet).

I just experimented. Either way doesn’t make much difference. Fumble would be awesome.

Rune of the Dark Progenitor has a skill called that, it reduces OA and DA by 170 (hence dropping Judgment), but it’s a jump type skill, which have slightly clunky animations.

Nearly the same build i run except i run a Warlord. I run a Mythical Belgothian Ring instead of the Epic you run and a different ammy. (Two different ones im still testing) As well as Reforged Chains of Oleron Belt. Gloves and Boots im still testing things but yeah… I just started leveling a Sentinel myself for EOR but i think im going to go the Acid/Poison route with it and try out The Korvan Dunefiend set instead of Warborn. Not really sure how its going to turn out yet but im optimistic theres’ potential there. I still can’t get over how well Deathstalker Relic performs for Physical EOR setups. Its out performs Oleron Relic quite a bit. Hell Zeal Relic actually out performs Oleron Relic. If you run an EOR build that only gets 150% or less Attack Speed Zeal is actually one of the best options. Once you have Attack Speed sorted close to 200% Deathstalker works best so far from my testing. That -10% Phys Res is great.

One thing i would definitely change on this is Judgment. I dropped it from my setup and it was actually a damage gain for my build. You want to keep spinning as much as possible and with Ascension and in your case Blood of Dreeg AND Curse (my case Warcry and one of the Emblem skills with Fumble) thats all skills that are stopping you from spinning and cutting into your main DPS. IDK you should try dropping Judgment for sure. Its not all that worth the points and DPS loss on EOR imho. Thats one mistake i and a lot of people seem to make on EOR builds trying to use too many other skills that cut into spinning. I would put those points into maxing out the rest in Presence of Virtue buffs and maybe 10 or 14 Resilience instead. But, i would need to play the build myself to be 100% sure where those extra points would be better at. Judgement was nice though leveling and early on but, like i said it cuts in EOR DPS too much.

Oh and Amulet i run Thread of Mortality currently for the Leech and thats about it but, last night i found a Will of the Blade amulet and its performing quite well for Phys EOR. Theres a couple other options ive been toying around with but since im self found im still looking out for the perfect ammy. I got the print for that conduit ammy but, it didnt look like it had enough going for it for a phys EOR build.

You don’t have to sort it because of proc on pants and boots. There is also a ring with a nice proc for AS. Getting to 180 % base with these procs is optimal. Anything above that (190 % for sure) is actually counterproductive I would say.

I have Judgment almost on all of my spinners. I just activate it before engaging and not during the fight. I am not much into this DPS maximazing thing. I am not a CR player. I don’t feel that it interrupts playing at all but that is subjective.

Conduit here is for +1 to Oathkeeper and its other stats.

Hell im still surprised mine is even performing on the same level or better than builds like this considering i STILL have not found the Mythical Beroneth Print… or the Windshear Boots either. Still using the non-mythical sword and epic boots and gloves on mine.

Ive found a lot of items will work and your right what people think are best can be fairly subjective. Doesn’t matter how you do it as long as it gets the job done. Im pretty excited to see how Acid/Poison will perform on this type of setup.

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Impaired aim doesnt stack… only the highest effect works similar to flat rr or fumble

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It was already pointed out above in discussion.

Good evening friend. I am interested in some of your build but i can not see your profile to list all builds by you. I know compedum exist but there are lot of builds in that place from other person. Is there place where i can see all your builds at once? Sorry for my english I am still learning.

Here it is.

Edited with better link.

I have a question about this buld - I must be misunderstanding flat physical damage…

Why does this build (and every other similar build) spend 4 points into Ulzaad with no return???

My understanding about flat physical damage is that each standalone source is checked against armor, right? And that most endgame enemies that you care about has at least 2-3k armor. Therefore small chunks of native physical damage are at a minimum 75% worthless?

So why does everyone stretch to get Ulzaad - most of which is additional flat physical in <2k chunks? Couldn’t those devotion points be spent to get something really valuable? Or am I not understanding something here?

200 % physical damage bonus.

I am pretty new to the game (highest character is in the mid-40s) but am starting a new game to play with some other friends (who are also new). I plan to run this build, so I was curious about leveling with this build.

  • What are some general things to look gear-wise for while leveling? +Phys/+Trauma Gear? Any uniques/sets I should keep an eye out for?
  • How should I prioritize leveling up skills/masteries? I assume get EoR asap. What after that?
  • What about points in mastery vs skills as you level up?

I am still picking up acronyms too. I can figure out most of the ones you list, but am not sure what RR is.
Any other newb tips would be appreciated.

The build sounds fun, looking forward to getting to max level.

I would level the build with Vire + Judgment + Guardians. Doesn’t matter if physical or fire. I never leveled a build with EoR so I can’t say much to that. I think that it is not a great levelling skill.

Other option for levelling is using Conflagration (from relic) + Guardians. Conflagration is very powereful for leveling.

RR is resistance reduction - very important in Grim Dawn.

Hello it’s me again thanks you for the link. I must ask for this build is the blue ring very important? I get some spinny ring from dungeon in dlc area it looks good have balls spinning on me while i turn and it give me physical is that good for build?