Please help me fix the links in the Build Compendium for AoM

No ez ones left. I choose you, spellbinder.
DONE @eisprinzessin

CDRish spellbinder

Aether PRM

AAR report

Divine Divinity

3devas Anasteria

Bane of Celestials

CT spambinder


Aether assasin

Pure reap spirit power

Theo disciple

Aether Harvest

Spellbinder Rei

And I have a laser

Cold DE spellbinder

Full aether AAR spellbinder

Aether DE

Thank you so much everybody. Only 4, no 3 more to go.

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my link is fixed I think, links are working and I checked the screens is available

We have only fixed the links from the BC to the build guides. If images are missing or the old formatting does not work anymore, that is out of the scope of this project.