Console Commands Reference

Using the information from the Grim Dawn executable file (extracted by rorschachrev), I manually parsed the commands that can be used in the console. As it was a manual work it might/should contain errors.

To activate the console go to a custom game (it dosen’t work in the main campaing) and type ~ or ’ (depending on your keyboard).

Unfortunatelly I was not able to find information about the parameters received by each of this commands. Many of them work with true of false, example:
> game.PlayStats true

I really want to find out how the Exec command works and what type of scripts it can execute, if anyone finds out please let me know.

BindDown - Binds a command to key press
BindToggle - Binds a command with true/false values to toggle with key press
BindUp - Binds a command to key release
Close - Closes the console
Exec - Executes a script
Exit - Exits the game
ScreenShot - Takes a screen shot

character.AnyoneHasToken - Return true if the anyone has the token
character.ClearPlayerTokens - Remove all stored trigger tokens in the player
character.GiveTakeGold - Gives the amount specified. Negative numbers take gold away and 0 will zero out your gold.
character.GrantPlayerToken - Gives the player the specified token
character.GrantPlayerToken - Gives the player the specified token
character.LogData - Shows a variety of data above player, NPCs, monsters
character.RevokePlayerToken - Revokes the specified token from the player
character.ServerHasToken - Return true if the server has the token
character.SetPlayerInvisible - Makes it so enemies dont see the player and thus dont attack - but you can attack them
character.ShowAngerLevels - Debug info for AI
character.ShowPlayerTokens - Dumps the player’s trigger tokens to the console
character.WarpCursor - Makes it so player always warps to destination

debug.physics - Shows data when things affect physics engine

game.decrementdevotion - Removes a devotion point
game.Give - Creates an object and gives it to the player
game.God - Enables or disables god mode
game.IgnoreRequirements - Allows player to equip anything regardless of requirements
game.IncrementAttribute - Gives the player an attribute point
game.incrementdevotion - Gives the player a devotion point
game.IncrementLevel - Increments the player’s level
game.IncrementSkill - Gives the player a skill point
game.IncrementSkill - Increments the number of points allocated to the specified skill
game.Invincible - Toggles being invincible.
game.KillMe - Kills the player
game.LargeDumpFiles true/false - Enables or disables exporting of large dump files
game.PlayStats - Displays a variety of player stats on the screen
game.ShowCursor - Shows or hides the mouse cursor
game.ShowDynamicObstacles - ?
game.ShowErrorMessages - Shows or hides skill not ready error messages
game.ShowHud - Enables or disables the UI
game.Spawn - Creates an object at the player’s location
game.Speed - Sets the game speed multiplier
game.Speed - Sets the game speed multiplier
game.Teleport - Teleports the player to the specified world space coordinates
game.Uber - Enables or disables mana loss

graphics.ReloadResources - Forces all resources to be reloaded
graphics.Stats - Enables or disables displaying a variety of stats including frame rate

sound.Stats - Enables or disables displaying a variety of sound statistics



You can use autocomplete on files. Most arguments are an integer or series of integers. Unfortunately the debug states didn’t show information I was looking for like entity ID or x y z coordinates.

“With enough eyes, all bugs are shallow.” - Linus Torvalds

Part of the reason I’m willing to share is because we can solve things faster collectively.

I briefly played Titan Quest but the armor equation bothered me too much so I quit early. From my google-fu the console syntax seems to be the same, but the commands are slightly different wording. I’m sure other people out there have longer lists of console commands they used in their debugging.

File paths go between double quotation marks ("). On my keyboard (US layout) I have to type shift+’ but the console registers this poorly so be careful. Example: game.spawn “records/items/bonusitems/bonus_summonwisp.dbr” (since we’re cheating anyway)

Also, console is not capital letter sensitive.
Original string dump

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I somehow managed to get stuck in a wall (temp bug I’m guessing). Anyway, I can tell you that “character.WarpCursor true” and “…false” turns this feature on and off.

Sorry for the necro, but I think it deserved it.

There are 4 checks (that I counted), all indentical - - reading/checking a certain bool value from Widget::vftable - - that if patched (0x74 to 0xEB - JE to JMP) will allow console to work at any time: 1 when game loads and initializes the Widget (main menu), 1 when you move from main menu to game world and there are 2 more when you exit to main menu or Desktop (when destroying the Widget).

Having said that, if allowed, I may post the fix. Else, whoever needs it, PM me.

youtube + jb6M1bTtNtI (can’t yet post links)


Tried to send a PM, have to post 3 messages in the Forum first…
I would really like to get the console working in the main campaign…


If you’re familar with reverse engineering, you can enable it.

Otherwise you’ll have a hard time as this behaviour was not intended for the console.

I was hoping to get the solution from sunbeam, but it seems i have to send a pm :wink:

Don`t like to post useless posts, but have to reach 3 posts to send a pm to someone…ah well:D

Since this has caused confusion in another thread, also here for future references:

On a qwertz keyboard, the correct key is ^ (the key below esc) to open the console.

is there a command to scale xp?

could i able to change to key bind other than ~ or ’ to call the console ?

However you can use AutoHotkey for that.

This doesn’t work for me. I press the key below ESC, i’m in a custom game, nothing happens. Did they change how this works?

Do you have some different keyboard, maybe layout?
` below Esc works for me still. Check this:

None of the double pressing or shift / ctrl / alt shenanigans worked. Nothing pops up. The key that i have below esc is a \ | key and that’s the one i’m pressing

Try, maybe this will work:


[combo presses]

Every time you press Tab, it presses ` (just in Grim Dawn)
You can change Tab to a different key, even the one you have under ESC, or a letter (combo1=Q:`)
| \ or whatever you have their: combo1=\:` or combo1=|:` may work
It takes ~3 seconds for the program to start work in Grim Dawn after you maximize the window / make it active

If that doesn’t work maybe I’ll need to change the config so that it sends a specific key code instead of this `

Nothing happened with that either. I used combo1=:` which is the button below ESC for me

Could you try changing the config to some letter or Tab, for example



You don’t need to reload the config after changing it btw.
The program reloads the config 3 seconds after you’re in-game.

If that doesn’t work then I’ll try sending a specic code instead of `

Of course Q should be the button for command window then.

[edit] Also you may check if it the program works at all, for example

Does Q:1 cast your 1st skill when you press it etc.

yeah it works for skills, but does not open the console, be it mapped as ` or \