[Request] Main Menu Selection

Alright I searched this sub-forum for “menu” and didn’t spot this one so go easy on me if it’s already been nixed.

I noticed in Titan Quest AE there is an option to select which main menu you want to use:

So it seems it should be possible to code this into the engine. I miss the old dark main menus, especially Ashes of Malmouth which seemed to pass by all too quickly (for me).

The Witcher 3 is another decent example in that it just rotates through the three different main menu scenes when you load the game.


Well, idk what their stance is now, but i remember big z saying it’s not worth the hassle, and that there is other stuff, where such ressources could be better spent on so they’ve other priorities. But oh well, we’ll see…

+1 to this.

Even if it’s the last thing to do in this game.

I’ll wait patiently. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This or more loading screens, I know there are some out there to use as a mod, but I would like more loading screens in the game.

You remind me of… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Some dev feedback…

Alright well thanks I guess. That’s all from the same single thread though, one that I passed over because of the title, no need to machine gun quote chunks of it as if it’s a tired old topic of discussion. And though one quote says “been asked several times” in that thread I never could find any such instances, nor more importantly any dev feedback about it (feedback about the UI and loading screen art is interesting I suppose, but not relevant to my request).

I just was in the mood to go back in time and share. :wink: But I needed to do some digging and did not find it at once.

medea might have referred to requests from dev streams.

14th September 2018 dev stream:

"darkblade305: I have one, prefer the old Main Menu Screen. ¿Can I in future choose between Menu Screen? And ¿Same for Load Screen?. We need more Load screens. PLS

I hear you guys on the main menu swap. I’m not sure how likely that is to happen because it’s kind of a lot of feature for something we need the programmers to spend time on other things. I can’t really promise you that. We’ll think about it because it does seem to come up a lot. Loading screens though are randomised. It’s going to cycle between Occultist, Ashes of Malmouth aether lady and Forgotten Gods dude."

And some other places it’s been asked for

Whether it’ll ever become a feature in the game or not we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Lots of replies like “time-consuming” “lots of work”, don’t mean to be rude, but isn’t it your job after all? I mean, the game is great, etc, but all I see in lots of suggestions are answers like that. Makes me sad really, you guys got and still get paid from this game, do not forget that please, you can’t answer to every single feature request or proposition like that or “better do it in GD2”, at some point it gets repetitive really. You are so focused on refining items/skills that you forget kinda the aesthetics of the game, which are also important as the rest.

I hope I’m wrong, and I know some people will come back at me now, but I really don’t care, I paid full price for this product so my voice matters as much as theirs, even if they don’t like what I say.
We aren’t all fanboys, after all, lots of us ask for nice features, totally feasible, you don’t need an armada of art directors to make some loading screens, for example, we aren’t stupid “which unfortunately is not as simple as clicking Enhance like tv leads us to believe!” … I mean c’mon, many of us are grown-ups.

TLDR, some things can be done, and more or less easily, but it seems you don’t want to, so better say that and get done with it rather than trying to make us feel like we are 10 years old or something.

This is not a rant, just my personal opinion and you can say whatever you want, of course, you don’t care, I don’t care, win-win.

Not bickering or defending Crate (which is against the rules anyway), just thought you could answer the following questions for yourself.

  • Do you know how many employees does Crate have and how many projects they’re working on at the moment?

  • Are you aware there’s probably like a million things they would implement in Grim Dawn if they had an infinite amount of time?

  • Would you prefer no answers at all from Crate? It’s most probably not the case of ‘We don’t want to’ but ‘It has a low priority’.

  • Do you think if you keep asking repetitively for a feature it means that is has to be implemented?

  • How do you know if main menu selection is actually easy to implement and if people that would do it are not working on something with a higher priority, possibly a different game?

  • Why do you assume that your voice doesn’t matter if things you ask about are not getting implemented?


win-win :cold_face:

Just a little hint:
The game is fully moddable/changeable.

With a little knowledge anyone can change the current main menu by
simply copying the vanilla or AoM mainmenu.map (and a few other
files like border textures) to the appropriate /Settings/ folder.

Although I too would like to see an option to select a different main menu,
the above mentioned method is sufficient, imo.


Really now. I’ve asked about this possibility before (of using modding or workarounds) to achieve this and experienced GD modders seemed to imply that it would be crazy difficult or something along those lines.

If you know how to achieve this then please hook us up and write us up a nice, clear step-by-step if you’d be so bold. There’s actually a decent number of people out there that want this Glocken (myself included).

Well, we know it was possible with the AoM/Occultist screens so I’m not sure why FG would be any different.

We are talking about the Main Menu here. Not the loading screens. As far as I know noone has done anything involving switching out the menus between vanilla/aom/fg in any capacity yet.

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Yeah, probably confusing the two. I thought I’d seen it done sometime over the years, but can’t find anything about it.

+1 for Main Menu Selection

I have linked two ZIP files with which anyone who is interested can replace the FG main menu. Simply copy the content of the preferred ZIP file to your Grim Dawn installation directory.

There is no need to make a tutorial for this kind of modding;
it’s just a copy&paste method. Which file I copied can anyone see in the ZIP file.
The only changes I made are removing the FG logo as it interferes with the AoM logo.
The FG logo particle effect is still there, but it doesn’t bother too much (or change it yourself).

I stitched it all with a hot needle, so don’t blame me if you encounter any errors.

Edit: I reduced the color orange from the FG logo particle effect to make the AoM logo better readable.

Edit2: I have completely removed the particle effect from the FG logo.



Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you were going for here, but I’m pretty sure when someone buys the game, they are paying for what the product is, not a perpetual train of free additions, although I dare say we’ve done an extensive share of those, many of which were taken from community requests over the years.

What matters to us is how we are investing our resources. Top priority, being a business, is obviously to stay in business. Oftentimes, that need overlaps with the desires of the community as we introduce desirable features for players which in turn attracts new players.

As time and resources are not infinite, and there are diminishing returns to be considered, we have to weigh various features against each other and decide what’s going to have the biggest impact, what will appeal to the most players.

As we’ve said a number of times in the past, things like Menu Backgrounds or Load Screen selection did not seem as critical to the majority of players as say…loot filtering, search functions, monster totems, overhauled old skill fx, overhauled melee animation tech, updated old monster models, deferred rendering, dynamic skill lighting, auto-looting…

Remarkably, item/skill refining doesn’t take artists. And having to make that clarification is why we also say things like this…

Although you took that way too seriously. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to mention how much of our work over the years WAS focused on aesthetic, so your statement is simply disingenuous, or perhaps not aware of all that we did in game updates, in which case I’d recommend going down the memory lane of dev updates.

No, we do not, but we do need our TWO artists to contribute to the array of projects we have going on at the company right now. Things that are more important than upscaling class art to meet our high standards required to be suitable for load screen art.

I’m not sure where our “want” comes into play with feature requests such as this. I don’t have any personal investment in whether this feature exists or not other than I don’t care about it in other games at all. My “wants” are entirely irrelevant and have been in the past when we’ve added features requested by the community.

It continues to be as simple as we do not consider the time and resources required for this feature to exist to provide enough value to the GD playerbase to outweigh other priorities.

Damn, I should have read this part first! :smiley:

Not to mention, as mentioned in comments above, the game is moddable to your heart’s content. You can change the main menu to whatever you like.


Thanks @medea_fleecestealer. Your title should be forum scribe/historian.
Many thanks @GlockenGerda for the upload. Don’t know how you even got ahold of those. Will experiment with it tonight. I take it the music at the main menu would still be Forgotten Gods?

Ah, sorry then. This forum makes me more prickly and defensive than usual for some reason.

I think the missing piece there that a modder couldn’t do is the code required to add a proper menu selection in the Options menu, though maybe it’s possible.
I’ll just have to take your word for it that it would be very time consuming to code that in, since the menus themselves are already created, so no additional artistry would be required.

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Thanks a ton. You’re the best. And you don’t even need to run a modded game.
(I was waiting for @powbam to test it but I couldn’t bear it anymore)

From now on I’m making all the Fashion Dawn pictures in the AoM menu. It has the best/most natural lightning and vibe.