List of Community Localizations

Thanks to a great international community of Grim Dawn translators, you can currently play the game in the following languages*:


(*) This thread is merely provided as a means to stick links to all the relevant community localization threads. This thread is not responsible for the state of completion of each individual localization. Crate is not responsible for this thread **, nor the threads linked within. This thread is not responsible for the content provided within each localization. Any spelling/grammatical errors are the fault of the translator.

(**) All nerfs can be blamed on medierra, crashes on Rhis, strangeness on Zantai and satanic references on evil medierra.

It is possible that some translation are not current, check the relevant thread for details. If the localization for your language seems abandoned or you wish to contribute, please post in the specific thread linked above.

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And thanks to all the people that have made this a reality. Great work!



I hope this info here ist ok! :slight_smile:

To use Mods with Community Translations see here: Grim Dawn Forums - View Single Post - [REL]Grim Quest.

I also start a request to the modders: Question/Request - “Modstring.txt” from mod’s - Grim Dawn Forums.

A fundamental question;

About translation of MOD, do you think that we should demand consent from each MOD author one by one? Or it is not necessary to get consent beforehand because community translation of GD is accepted?

Or do you think that your request is the declaration of the translation community? Or should we make a generic declaration?

Hello Matougi,

I don’t now it!?

I’ve asked ASYLUM101 (Grim Quest) for the Modstring.txt and he said no problem …

Yes, you asked ASYLUM101 for Modstring.txt and he willingly accepted. Of course, it’s wonderful. It is very glad if other MOD authors do so. Because, the existence of Modstring.txt itself has permitted translation. But for the moment, there is no reaction from other authors…

Putting that aside, when there is no Modstring.txt, what should we do? The question which I raised is this.

There is a translation community in GD forum. If it thinks that MOD translation is included in translation of GD, we will not need to obtain permission from each author. Or should we ask for permissions one by one? Or should a community do something like translation declaration?

If no file exists, then we would have the possibility to extract them with the tools.

But it is not always so easy to find all text-datas …

Only extract text.arc, get not all datas.

I’ve understood well what you think. It seems that I considered the meaningless thing.
Thank you for taking time to talk with me! :slight_smile:

So, are you guys saying that commumity translations should become “megapacks” of sorts, containing the strings for most or all mods that exist?

If yes it would be a good thing to adhere to a naming scheme, like MODNAMEstrings.txt or in case of multiple files MODNAMEcreatures.txt MODNAMEskills.txt, etc etc.

The only thing I’m wondering if this would have any effect on performance, but probably nah.

I don’t know what kind of thing Modstring.txt is. If all the MOD translations can be performed in one, it is wonderful, but about feasibility, I am unknown.

When quantity becomes huge, considering experience of my TQ translation, the program may be unable to read all the texts. It is because a Japanese text needs capacity very much.

I see the links are old, and not working, but could someone please put up the new ones? I can’t find them on the new site. I takes me back to the starting page of the forum. Thank you.

Well, you can since they’re here in the Translations section of the forum.

Just look for the one you want.

Thank you I thought those were links to localized files. Is there a way to download older l localizations (eg dutch)? The dutch topic is quite dead. Is there a database for all the older translations? How can I know which was the last?
I looked around an all I found was Community localization (version number) topics for the translators and one for every language. But as I’ve stated the duch wasn’t any use.

I think the problem is every time there’s a patch the translations need to be updated by the community so even an older version wouldn’t work with the latest version of the game since I believe it defaults to English until the translation is updated. B31 mentioned in the thread was when the game originally came out back in 2013 and it’s been much updated since then. Did find one post mentioning an update back in March 2016, but no link for the file.

Hopefully @Rhis may be able to shed some light on what’s happening with this in a few hours’ time.

Because the link of the list in OP is in the state before the official site renewal,
it is currently broken,

How about rewriting it with a new one?

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I knew, I had forgotten something - updated the OP

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Thank you for your quick response!

Is it me, or all the links to the community translation threads on the Steam forum are gone?

Probably since I doubt they’ve been updated since the forum moved. They should be found under the Translations section of the forum though.